The Biggest Mistakes in Baby Clothes Shopping

Every year, around 4 million babies are born in the United States. The baby clothing industry is huge, and the sheer number of styles, brands, and materials can make your head spin. What clothes should you choose for your little angel?

Babies grow quickly, and they also need natural materials like organic cotton or bamboo rayon. Quality is crucial. Parents who order cute clothes from the baby girl boutique choose from hundreds of designs. Whether you need a fancy party outfit or flame-resistant pajamas, you can find them in one place. Here are the biggest mistakes to avoid.

The Biggest Mistakes in Baby Clothes Shopping

1. Sizing Down

Note that standard sizes may be misleading. For example, your baby may have the height and weight corresponding to two different categories. When in doubt, size up. This way, if the garment is too big, you may use some tricks like cuffing the sleeves and pant legs. Babies grow fast, so you will achieve a perfect fit eventually. This is impossible if you buy a smaller size.

2. Overemphasis on Gender

Overemphasis on gender can cause you to miss out on plenty of cute outfits. It is perfectly normal to choose pink for girls and blue for boys, but this does not mean you should reject some charming outfits (for example, with your baby’s favorite cartoon characters) too quickly. These days, some parents prefer gender-neutral (unisex) clothes. You do not need to be too rigorous.

3. Buying Too Much at Once

Remember that your bundle of joy will outgrow whatever you buy, and fast. Thus, focus on quality over quantity. Shopping for baby clothes is fun, but do not get carried away. If you purchase too many outfits, your kid may not even have an opportunity to wear them all.

There are two solutions — sizing up and buying just a few items every time. Be practical and remember that buying clothes just to throw them away is unsustainable. Millions of baby garments are tossed in the trash annually, many of them are unworn. Think of all that waste!

4. Ignoring the Return Policy

Check the return policy of every store you shop at. Make sure you will be able to return the items if they feel uncomfortable or do not fit your baby. This is applicable to online and offline stores alike. If you have already bought something you cannot return, do not despair — you can always donate it.

Final Words

Thanks to the current abundance of choices, shopping for baby clothes is fun and daunting at the same time. Size up, rather than down to avoid waste. Choose practical designs and avoid safety hazards like drawstrings or cords. Any decorative elements must be firmly attached. Make rational decisions to make sure your kid is safe and comfortable.


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