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Tell A Tale: The Forgotten Page

Once upon a time there was a small village in a country far away. The village thrived in the heart of a vast jungle. Surrounded by majestic mountains and shaded by green trees, the villagers lived a happy and blissful life.


They were all accustomed to routine tasks by robots, and none of them had the imagination or the will to try new things, except for a girl named Hannah. Few people in the village could read, let alone write. Hannah was one of them. Her parents ensured that their only child had everything possible.

Hannah was an adventurous person with an imagination far beyond her time. She loves to explore and she spent hours in the woods looking for new things. She loved creating stories in her head and she imagined herself as one of her characters.

One afternoon, while on an adventure, Hannah comes across an abandoned cottage. The cottage looked very old in its condition.

broken cottage
broken cottage

The door was barely hanging and the wood was chipped. Hannah’s mother had sternly warned her not to roam her abandoned place, but her curiosity gave in.

She tiptoed slowly to the door and slowly opened it, leaving her stunned. In front of Hannah was a room full of books. A book that glows in the dust, bathes in warm sunlight, waiting to be explored. Hannah jumped for joy and excitement appeared on her face.

curious girl
curious girl

Hannah gasped when she realized she had found a hidden treasure. She knew she had to read it all in her mind, so she set to work right away. She dusted off her books, shelves and furniture remnants. She spent all day brooming, sweeping and dusting until Hannah realized she had to go home after dark. But her books, oh, she couldn’t leave without reading at least one. So Hannah chose her two books and she decided to read them at home.

On her way home, she meets friends who are intrigued by what Hannah is carrying. Hannah was thrilled and shared the whole thing with her friends. She expected her friends to share her excitement, but she heard bursts of laughter instead.

Hannah was embarrassed and a little hurt by this reaction, but she didn’t give up on the book. She returned to her home and spent the night reading her adventure stories hidden on the covers of her books. The next day she hastily swallowed her breakfast and left for the cottage again.

Hannah devoured the book. It was full of stories about various creatures and was very interesting. Each page was just like an adventure waiting to begin. Hannah’s imagination took her into a world of talking animals, mystical creatures, and daring nights. She read about characters who faced adversity with her determination, and who strived for good.


The girl was so inspired by the books that the characters and stories in them became her mentors. She learned the power of her love and friendship, and that her true strength lies within her own heart. With her goodwill in mind, she decided to share the story with the people of her village.

She knew it would be a difficult journey, but she wanted to share the money with everyone. She wanted to spark the curiosity of her peers and her imagination. With this as her mission, Hannah began telling her story every day at her villa. She occasionally added her own curiosity to her various stories to make them more interesting.

At first, only her very good friend Sanuki and her family came to the readings. But word of her famous story spread quickly, and more and more people came to her readings. Hannah saw interest in her own people and began writing her own story as well.

Soon, rumors of Hannah’s story spread to faraway towns. People came from different places just to hear her story. Everyone gathered around Hannah in awe as she told her story. The people of her village helped her build her cottage again, so that the old cottage would no longer run dry. Together they have transformed this place into a sanctuary of adventure and imagination.

listen to
listen to

Through her story, Hannah reminded us of the importance of human connection, empathy and love. She helped lost people find the path of their destiny. She conducted workshops teaching her peers to read and write. Hannah was their leader and everyone worshiped her.

Hannah continued that mission throughout her life. She remained in her memory long after her passing and lived on in her story. She became a beacon of hope, a reminder to all that even the dustiest nooks and crannies can hold hidden treasures. And that treasure may not necessarily be gold, but simply stories waiting to be shared.

books are treasures
books are treasures

Thus, a forgotten treasure slumbering in a withering hut was transformed into a world of limitless adventures and possibilities. Hannah’s passion and dedication brought stories to life, and her words gave new life to countless souls.


What this story shows us is that the real power for change lies within our own hearts. There is a wealth of creativity within all of us waiting to be explored. And no matter what you’re good at, sharing your skills not only helps you, but can also be a ray of hope for those struggling to find their way.

This story urges us to embrace our abilities, no matter how it changes us. It teaches us that with enough determination, nothing is unattainable. We create our own stories, so never let anyone tell you who you are or who you should be. That’s who you were always supposed to be, both of you.

So embrace your differences and set your mind free. Who knows, but you might have a big adventure just around the corner.

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