Suction Pool Cleaner Uses and Troubleshooting

A suction pool cleaner is one of the automatic pool cleaners you need to keep your pool clean all the time. What makes this type unique is that it uses your pool’s pump to generate power. The pressure from the pump allows the device to scrub and suck dirt and navigate the floor.

However, there are times when a suction pool cleaner will stop working or fail to perform its best. It can be very frustrating when this happens and you don’t know what to do.

Common Suction Pool Cleaner Problems

Here are some of the most common problems that you might encounter:

Hose Problems

Does the hose get tangled up a lot? It might be because you store the device wrong. When the hose is not wrapped correctly as it hangs on the storage rack, it will mock that position while it’s in use.

Hose problems are among the most common pool cleaner issues, especially for the type that handles large debris. To solve this problem, lay it under the sun in a straight line. You can do this for a few days to correct its prior position. Also, remember to store the hose as per the product manual instruction. This will ensure that the hose stops tangling up while in use.

Another typical hose issue is when the hose attached to a suction side cleaner sinks far below the surface. This problem causes stress to the device and makes it move slower. This is usually caused by water clogged or worn-out hose floats. When this happens, simply replace the floats.

Poor Cleaning Performance

A suction pool cleaner is essential to have your pool cleaned of debris. If it moves at the right speed but does not clean the bottom of the pool like it used to do, it might be because of worn or damaged brushes. If not, also check the suction vents. Both parts are located at the bottom of the device. These parts wear out over time and need to be replaced.

Doesn’t Move

If your suction pool cleaner moves slower than before or stops moving completely, check the skimmer or pool pump basket first. If it’s full, the debris can clog the outlets. This prevents the pump from creating enough pressure to push the machine around the pool.

Aside from the wastebaskets, also check on the wheels and bearings of the device. Clean the debris that gets caught upon them. If this doesn’t fix the issue, see if the wheels are already worn out. If yes, just replace them with a new one. You might need to buy the replacement part from the manufacturer.

Don’t Climb Pool Walls

Stairs and other inclined surfaces in your pool need cleaning too! But what if your pool cleaner can’t climb them?

In this scenario, the leading causes are insufficient flow going to the cleaner for the pump and the position of the afloat is off.

To troubleshoot, take note of the wheel rotations. If it’s low, it may be because of insufficient pressure. In this case, you need to adjust the valve that controls the pressure going into the cleaner.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, adjust the length of the hose. Or, position the afloat at nine inches away from the cleaner.

Frequently Stuck at Stairs

If the suction cleaner keeps on getting stuck at stairs, it might be because of poor flow to the cleaner or wrong hose length. It can also be due to a restricted movement of the swivels on the top of the machine or faulty drive tracks.

When you have this problem, make sure that your hose has the right length to do the cleaning. Try to adjust the length by either extending or shortening it. If this step fails, use the flow tester to determine if enough pressure is going into the device. If there is a low flow, clean all the outlets where the pressure enters the machine.

If none of these steps works, please call the product manufacturer for further help.

Jerks While Moving

When the suction cleaner jerks, it causes stress to its motor, which can cause other problems. Typically, jerking is caused by the accumulated debris in the drive pulley.

To stop the short and jerking motion of the machine, you have to clean the drive pulley. After doing this, see if it’s working fine. If not, inspect the drive belt and the drive tracks and see if they are damaged or worn out. You may need to replace these parts to solve the jerking issue.

Keeps Tipping on One Side

It can be very frustrating if you can’t leave the cleaner because it keeps on tipping on one side every time. Usually, this problem is caused by the length or quality of the hose.

To solve this, inspect if the hose has become brittle. If yes, simply replace it. If it’s still good, then the culprit might be its length. Try to extend or shorten it and see if the issue is resolved.

Stops and Starts

When the machine stops and starts, the first thing that you can do is check the suction flow coming from the hose. If the suction pool cleaner comes with a pool pulse, use it to detect enough pressure going through the hose.

If the pool pulse indicates that the required suction is not met, the next step you can take is to increase the setting of the AD valve in the skimmer box. For instance, if the factory setting of the valve is two, you can set it to three to increase the suction power. This step also works when the pool cleaner is not climbing the walls.

There you have…some troubleshooting steps that you can take to fix technical issues in your suction pool cleaner. For more information on the correct troubleshooting steps, you can also consult the product manual. Or, you can watch an educational video available online. 


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