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The movie Subway is all about politician Guddu Rastogi’s dirty political games and Bagi Van Singh’s rebellious attitude.

The story is about three part-time highway robbers (Vishal, Hoshiyar, and Raja) who commit petty thefts for beer and chicken night party fun and everyday fun. 1On one such day, they set out on a highway mission with the goal of stealing cars and selling car stepneys, music systems, etc. to light up the night. Bad luck or a chance to make some quick money, there is a kidnapped businessman in the trunk of your car who has been kidnapped by someone. The businessman demands of them, “Please send me home safely. In return, please give all of you a lot of money.”

After much hesitation, the boys agree to do so, but on the way to the businessman’s house, they become trapped in the stronghold of a retired dacoit, Bagi Van Singh, who tells him that the businessman is not a scoundrel. turned out to be kidnapped by thugs. his own brother. Baghi Bhan Singh is surprised by these actions. He promises the businessman that he will punish Gudu Rastogi, a dangerous politician, in his own way, make sure that he will not cause him any harm, and return home safely.

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