Sony aims to manufacture 2 million PlayStation VR2 units by March

According to what is reported, Sony plans to manufacture 2 million PlayStation VR2 headsets by March.

according to it bloombergIt has been reported that mass production of headset has started last month.

The high production volume indicates that Sony has a “ambitious” roadmap prior to the release of VR2.

Introducing the complete impression and fresh gameplay of Ian of PSVR2.

According to Sony’s sources, the company expects to be more demand for VR2 than the original headset for PS4, which took eight months to sell 1 million units.

According to the same information, Sony launched PlayStation VR2 early in 2023. Supply chain problem It was the cause of the lack of stock of PS5.

Sony aims to compete with the company’s VR2 headset competing with Meta, the largest rival in the VR market.of Metakest 2In the past, it was considered an affordable entry -level headset, but recently a 33% increase was raised.

The price of VR2 has not been officially announced yet, but is expected to compete with Meta Quest 2.

More than 20 games, including the following in -house projects, are under development for the release of the headset. Horizon Call of the Mountain Such a third -party game Resident Evil Village .

Our resident VR Expert Ian Hiton has gone Try using PlayStation VR2 Last month, I was able to try four titles, including Horizo ​​N Call of the Mountain and RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE, which are currently being developed for VR2, and left. Sony aims to manufacture 2 million PlayStation VR2 units by March

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