Shailene Woodley as a modern-day Clarice Starling

When we think of modern criminal procedurals, Nic Pizzolatto’s hit HBO series often comes to mind. And based on what we saw, true detective The Season 4 trailer stars Academy Award winner Jodie Foster, returning as a troubled law enforcement figure.She finally took home Oscar gold playing Detective Clarice Starling Silence of the LambsAnd up to Alaska Cassette true detective With the installment hitting the masses, Shailene Woodley is looking to catch her own killer in her new big-screen effort.

In fact, her movie title is apt catch the killer, and Emmy Award winner Ben Mendelsohn playing the boss. While the two are definitely solid in their detective/police roles, some argue that this isn’t enough to save their rather conventional new criminal procedurals.

nationwide manhunt

catch the killer It centers around Eleanor (Woodley), a young police investigator struggling with demons from her past. She has good intentions, as shown in the first act’s restaurant scene, where she can command in her law enforcement title while respecting the civilians around her.

Eleanor is recruited by the FBI’s lead investigator (Mendelsohn) to help profile disturbed individuals and track their work. We get our first glimpse of the residents of Baltimore in the very terrifying opening sequence, where Baltimore residents fly around the city like flies as an unidentified sniper fires. Given the crime in Baltimore, hit series like wire and we own this city remind. catch the killer Arguably less layered. Works by David Simonbut there’s enough tension and mystery to keep us on the lookout until Act 3 finally reveals the killer. and was thwarted at every turn by the man’s unprecedented actions.

shootout and showdown

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Given her tortured psyche, Eleanor may be the only person who can understand the mind of her assailant and bring him to justice. But that doesn’t deter them from finding the bad guy. Joining the fun with a determined fellow officer named Mackenzie (Jovan Adepo) and seeing the three talented award-winning actors share a scene together is where the film thrives most. .

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And with law enforcement seemingly arresting every paranoid phony in sight, desperate to eliminate blanket public pressure. Frustrating politicians (Steven Spielberg’s chin — remember the mayor of Amity Island?). The situation worsens when there is shooting again.

If you like action, the convenience store shootout in the second half of Act 2 will tickle your fancy. And Act 3 offers an interesting change of location, with Eleanor tracking a killer from urban Baltimore to a forest-like location in the middle of nowhere. The showdown sequence here is chilling, but not enough to forgive the somewhat simplistic nature of the rest of the film.

Catch Killer Cast Improves Movies

To Catch The Killer Shailene Woodley (2023)
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Moviegoers know that Shailene Woodley has cemented her star status. Divergent movie series, was based on the popular YA book series. A more critically acclaimed effort from Woodley, faults in our starand on TV, she held a firm hold on the screen in both seasons of HBO big little liesWoodley recently finished working on Michael Mann’s upcoming film. ferrari, Alongside Adam Driver and Penélope Cruz.

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Until it hits theaters, she’s a seductive leading lady catch the killer, directed by Damien Chiffron. People may remember that in 2014 he was written and directed by Szifron. Leratos Salvajes (wild tales), produced by a little-known filmmaker named Pedro Almodóvar.the film competed for the Palme d’Or It received a ten-minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival. He is one of the most successful Argentinian films of all time.

Considering how groundbreaking wild tales was, catch the killer It’s definitely a step back for Szifron, but it’s not the cast’s fault.Ben Mendelsohn is a critically acclaimed and award-winning actor who has had another crime-related project on HBO. outsiderHe’s done pretty well as a lead actor in both that series and his new Baltimore-set film.

next, Babylon Star Jovan Adepo is an instantly recognizable actor who received an Emmy nomination for his strong performance in arguably the best episode of Damon Lindelof. watchmenAnd speaking of Lindelof, Adepo was also amazing leftoversSo it’s no surprise that the dynamic between him, Mendelsohn, and Woodley is fun to watch. catch the killerbut in general, the stories, both on the big and small screen, aren’t entirely unique enough to distinguish them from the true crime-inspired projects of the past.

From Vertical Entertainment, catch the killer Currently in theaters. Shailene Woodley as a modern-day Clarice Starling

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