On Saturday, Shah Rukh Khan made history at the Indian box office. 2200 days later, the original Hindi film has passed the collection of Aamir Khan’s mega-blockbuster Dangal. Early estimates say Pathan is looking to collect in his Rs range. On Saturday he will be at Rs 2.2-2.4 crore with a total collection in Hindi of Rs. 38.4 billion plus. The total for all India in the pattern is about Rs. 39.8 billion.

This made Pathan surpass Dhangal’s lifetime collection in all languages ​​(Hindi, Tamil and Telugu). For those who don’t know, Dangal has collected about Rs. 37.3 billion in Hindi and Rs. 387.38 kroner for all versions. On Sunday morning, Pathan appears as the first Bollywood film to enter his Rs. Box office in India is 400 million clubs. Already the biggest Bollywood glosser ever, he is now on a journey beyond KGF 2 and his Baahubali 2 collection.

The KGF 2 record will be broken in the next five days, making Pattern the highest-grossing Hindi-speaking company in the post-pandemic world. The challenge will be Baahubali 2, which tops out at Rs. 511 million rupees in Hindi. Once the pattern exceeds that number, it becomes grosser than ever in Hindi.

Shah Rukh Khan set an all-time record turnover at Chennai Express in 2013, and now, just ten years later, he has achieved another record in 2023.

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