Save On Hori’s Official Nintendo Switch D-Pad Controller At Amazon

The Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers are decent but not perfect. One of the biggest issues (aside from joystick drift) is the lack of a dedicated D-pad on the left Joy-Con. Luckily, Hori’s Switch D-pad Controller fixes this shortcoming, replacing the left Joy-Con’s segmented four directional buttons with a single t-shaped D-pad like those found on the Switch Pro Controller and older Nintendo consoles. The Hori Switch D-pad Controller comes in multiple versions, but the Super Mario-themed variant is on sale at Amazon for just $19 (down from $30) for Black Friday 2023.

If you’re more of a Zelda fan, the Zelda-themed Hori Switch D-pad is also discounted to just $23.58 (normally $30) at Amazon. The Zelda Hori Switch D-pad is also available in a bundle with a comfort grip for $35 (normally $45) or a compact Switch stand for $37 (normally $45).

There’s also a Pokemon-themed Hori Switch D-pad Controller featuring Pikachu available for $25 (normally $30). Like the Zelda model, the Pikachu-themed Hori Switch D-pad is also included in bundles with Hori’s Comfort Grip for $38 (was $45), or a Switch Stand for $37.

Super Mario, Zelda, and Pikachu-themed Hori Switch D-Pad Controllers

Hori Switch D-pad Controller deals

Unlike other Joy-Con replacements, Hori’s Switch D-pad controller is just a single left Joy-con, rather than both the left and right pads–meaning you will need to keep using your existing right Joy-con. That said, the Hori Switch D-pad Controller is identical to the standard Joy-con’s design–minus the D-pad and unique paint job–and is officially licensed by Nintendo, so it should feel like a normal Joy-con when playing in portable or handheld modes. The Hori Switch D-pad Controller works with the standard Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED models.

Amazon has deals on other Hori controllers and accessories, including steep discounts on Split Pad Pro Joy-Con replacement controllers.

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