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Satyaprem KI Katha is the story of an unusual couple. Satyaprem (Kartik Aryan) lives in Praharad Nagar, Ahmedabad with his father Narayan (Gajiraj Rao), mother Diwali (Supriya Pathak Kapoor) and younger sister Sejar (Shika Tarsania). He tried to pursue law, but failed his entrance exams repeatedly.Neither does NarayanI’ve done a lot in my life. Diwali and Sejal host dance classes and run the house. Satyaprem wants to get married but no one is ready to marry him as he has no income. Meanwhile, he has a crush on Catha (Kiara Advani). He met her during the Navratri period a year ago. At that time, she tells him that she has no chance because she is dating Tapan (Arjun Aneha). Nevertheless, Satyaprem eagerly awaits Navratri to be able to see her again this year. On top of that, his hopes are raised when he learns that Catha has broken up with Tapan. D He arrives at the venue only to find Catha is nowhere to be seen. Her father Harikishen (Siddharth Randelya) informs Satyaprem that she is at her home as she is unwell. Narayan advises Satyaprem to go home as he will be alone. Satyaprem does so and realizes that Katha is trying to commit suicide. He immediately took her to her hospital and saved her life. Harikishen is impressed by Satyaprem and decides to repair the marriage between Katha and Satyaprem. The two get married, but Kata avoids marriage. She doesn’t even allow Satyaprem to sleep with him on the pretext that he is snoring loudly. One day Satyaprem asks her if she is trying to avoid him. At this time, Casa drops a bomb. What happens next forms the rest of the movie.

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