Saroj Ka Rishta Movie: Review | Release Date (2022) | Songs |

Kapoor Films Inc., Aena Productions, Ambi Abhi Productions, Garg Films, Saroj Ka Rishta (UA) revolves around the life of Saroj, an overweight girl played by Sanah Kapoor. Saroj is proud of her body and is an independent girl who works at her dating agency. She has only one mission in her marry the boy of her dreams, Vikram (Randeep Rai). But fate has other plans! Saroj gets biodata for matchmaking, but she clearly doesn’t want to pass up this chance. But there is one problem. Vikram wants to marry a slim girl.

Saroj’s colleague, aware of her love for him, edits a photo of her to make her look slimmer and sends it to Vikram as a future bride. Meanwhile, Saroj signed up for a gym to lose her weight, where she ran into the owner, Shantanu. Shantanu was smitten by Saroy at first sight, but the latter’s friend zoned him out. Vikram comes to India to meet Saroy and Shantanu. Shantanu is convinced by now that she is totally in love with Vikram and she decides to move out one and is ready to marry another girl. The question is whether Saroj is happy after he met Vikram or has feelings for someone else.

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