Review Scores Matter and Every Website Needs

Not everyone scores (pic: Metacritic)

One reader argues that websites without review scores are in the hands of publishers, easily hijacking bad games.

There was a very interesting discussion recently about the current state of video game reviews and whether critics are using the full scale available.7/10 is considered average and anything below is unplayable. I don’t think many would argue that it is because we are stuck in the ridiculous position of being seen as possible and broken.

It’s crazy, but it’s always been like this, so many people don’t even realize how broken it is. Especially since people are used to it, and I’m sure publishers revel in the fact that it’s almost impossible for a game to get a bad review score.

GameCentral touched on this their article As for why God of War Ragnarok wasn’t considered a Game of the Year contender, what I found most interesting about this feature was the no-score website and how it gives publishers a free ride. It was a section of .

The point is that the only websites that don’t have scores are the more sophisticated and smarter ones. So places like Eurogamer and Polygon have to admit they know their business better than the unnamed websites that are consistently listed at the top of Metacritic, no matter what you think of them. it won’t work.

And that’s the problem. All of these good websites have a high overall score because they can’t be used properly on Metacritic. A small site about to be sucked by a publisher can happily give a score of 10/10 like candy, but a site that might have scored a 6 or 7 on the same game has a poor score on Metacritic. No effect at all.

GC didn’t mention why they don’t have scores. No doubt out of a diplomatic sense, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s a pure assertion. They always argue that scores are a distraction and that people only pay attention to scores and miss the actual reviews…is that their business? is so valuable that you have to force how to read it?

Don’t get me wrong, I think people should read the whole thing, but if they don’t, they lose out. But the lack of score could have implications for the gaming industry as a whole. Not only does it make it easier for bad games to slip by without proper criticism, but it means scores are meaningless and the problem of not using the entire scale is compounded.

So I call these websites to overcome themselves and ignore the fact that people don’t always read all of your reviews (hint: they just skip to the last paragraph ), just go back to a good 10 out of 10 score.

That being said, this is not how movie reviews work. It has to be a really good movie to be over a 7, and even the greatest classics of all time have got mixed reviews – not trolls, people arguing their point that the movie is more than just that.

More broadly, why are movie reviews scored, even in reputable newspapers, etc.? Some people complain that video games aren’t taken seriously as an art form, but naysayers can’t even give a game a score out of 10 for fear of being misread. There may also be a point.

Reader by Terry Gold

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