reinventing the wheel

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Of course, there’s not much in common between God of War and Sonic the Hedgehog (and if you’re looking for points of differentiation, Metacritic’s cool 22 points between the pair is a good starting point. It’s a good place to go), but with two big releases this week, they make fascinating companions.

God of War: Ragnarok is the epitome of a modern blockbuster. Big, bold, and maybe a little bloated, it’s still a powerhouse that shows Sony’s first party power in his studio. An overly repetitive blockbuster? Maybe I’d also suggest it could be a clever blockbuster. In fact, a lingering complaint I’ve heard from people is that there are too many games out there, and if anything, splitting into two separate titles could have benefited. (Don’t let anyone at Sony get caught up in this idea. They’d be happy to charge you twice, too.)

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