Redfall’s first patch brings ‘incremental improvements’ to gameplay, combat, AI and more

Arkane Austin released the first major patch for widely derided co-op vampire shooter Redfall, promising “incremental improvements” across a wide range of areas including gameplay, combat and AI, but the Xbox Series X The promised 60fps mode is still nowhere to be seen.

Redfall was released with Digital Foundry in May, but wasn’t well received Call Xbox version Digital Foundry’s Alex Battaglia said it was a “sad tale of unrealized potential and serious technical problems,” and that the PC version was severely hampered by poor performance, technical issues and bugs. Said There was a sense of ‘it’s not over yet’.

The launch was so bad that Xbox head Phil Spencer took the next step. apologize to the playersadmitted, “I let a lot of people down this week,” with many wondering how and if Arkan Austin can turn things around.

Eurogamer’s Zoe Delahunty-Light called Redfall “a huge disappointment”.

And now the developer’s first patch for Redfall is finally here. This primarily focuses on what we call “incremental fixes” built around four major areas of improvement: improved enemy AI responsiveness, enemy encounter frequency, vampire combat effectiveness, and graphical fidelity. is guessing.of Full list of initial fixes Long content covering gameplay, combat, AI and NPCs, environment, performance and stability, UI, multiplayer, and stability. However, it remains to be seen how meaningful this first pass will prove to be.

Notably absent from the list is Redfall’s previously promised 60fps performance mode for Xbox Series X. Arkane confirms highly anticipated feature Scheduled to appear in an update after release Back in April, no schedule of arrival was given. And now, with Redfall’s release delayed by six weeks, the studio has only said that it will announce additional features and future updates “as soon as they become available.”

“Thank you to the millions of people who have explored the wacky yet dangerous open world of Redfall,” the patch notes read. “Building such a large playground has been humbling to say the least. is.” Redfall’s first patch brings ‘incremental improvements’ to gameplay, combat, AI and more

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