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Recreational Activities Are Key to Productivity, Here’s Why

Recreational activity is essential to leading a happy and satisfied life. Find out why you can benefit from this as well.

Key to Productivity, Here's Why

Why Recreation Activity Is Important to Productivity

Our culture today teaches us that productivity and hard-working are the two qualities that go hand-in-hand to make for a successful individual. That may be true, but our culture has also coined the phrase “all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy”. Whether either of those is true is still subject to debate.

Recreational activities continue to determine how well we perform at activities that take more skill and responsibility.  It turns out that workers who are systematically forced to perform better without enough time to recover or rest up will underperform, make mistakes and ultimately feel dissatisfied with their job, leading to a high turnover.

The truth is, that many people are turning to recreation as much as they can at sites such as casinobonusesfinder.se/no-deposit-bonus, and that surely proves that people do love to enjoy themselves. And, as far as companies go, they should understand employee needs and make sure they have an environment in which they can thrive.

As Tony Sloterman, the product owner at Casino Bonuses Finder, says, recreational activities are directly tied to your productivity, and he is not wrong. How then can organizations achieve both productivity and not sacrifice work hours? The truth lies in science.

The Case for the 30-Hour Work Week

We are often told that the 8-hour workday is the only way forward. However, as it turns out, there is actual scientific proof to argue against that. Humans are their most productive at six hours a day. In other words, leaving a person to work for six hours would yield the best results.

You may have felt it on yourself too. After the sixth hour at work, you start to get diminishing returns from your work, and this is not proof that you are lazy or lack grit or determination. It’s a normal human condition, and that is why understanding how you can derive the best benefits to your company or for your employees is important.

Forcing people to work over 8 hours is also subjective. In cultures such as Sweden, you will notice that if you were to stay over your regular working hours, people would look at you with curiosity. Were you to leave early in Japan, you would be scorned.

There are different aspects to productivity. Sweden has one of the highest productivity in the world, and so does the Netherlands. Japan and China are nowhere to be seen on the productivity charts, unlike the United States, which ranks fourth behind Ireland, Norway, Switzerland, and Luxembourg.

Recreational Activities Boost Your Productivity

These days even the most hardcore, bottom-line driven companies realize that if they want to stay competitive and stay in business, they will have to focus on creating new opportunities for their people. The idea of simply extracting work hours from your people is one that is definitely elusive if not contextualized in the well-being of the workforce.

So the question naturally is, what activities are actually good enough to boost your overall productivity? Well, there is no one particular leisurely activity that will achieve this for you. Some people find sports to be precisely what they need. Sports release endorphins that strengthens our body both mentally and physically.

Other people enjoy video gaming, and there are others still who would much rather see a good flick on the telly or go to the cinema. For some, something as simple as a walk is enough, and for others, that tends to be a good dinner at a restaurant.

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