PS Plus Premium is the worst thing PlayStation has ever done

PS Plus Premium is less impressive (Photo: Sony)

One reader is upset about the state of PS Plus Premium and wishes he never signed up for a collection of retro PS1, PS2, and PSP games.

As a longtime PlayStation fan, I feel that Sony has received a lot of unnecessary criticism at this point since the first console. or when we announce a new game, it’s mostly positive. god of war Ragnarok is a pre-release, but that’s okay because the game itself is great.

I’d love to know what other games they have currently slated, and I’m sure we’ll probably get to know some of them at The Game Awards next month. Whether we know this in advance or not, we’re not looking to speed up the release of anything, and Sony has released more great games than Microsoft this year.

Instead, what irritates me as a PlayStation fan is the PS Plus Premium. Or the most unfunny troll in the world.

I’m not sure how many people actually use PS Plus Premium. Three he’s the most expensive in the PS Plus tier, apparently because Sony is watching. 2 million people leave Because they revamped it all. So you think maybe not so much? If more people understood how bad it was, I think we would see more outrage than we do now.

To make sure everyone is on the same page, PS Plus Essential is basically the old PS Plus with just online multiplayer and a few free games. PS Plus Extra is similar to Game Pass in that it adds a large number of PlayStation 4 and 5 games. It doesn’t have a day one like Game Pass does, but it’s actually a pretty good deal and I recommend it. It’s only the premium that has the problem, it doesn’t update.

Premium includes everything in the lower tiers plus PlayStation 1, 2, 3 and PSP games. I don’t know what happened to the PS Vita, but as far as I know there are no games for the PS Vita. As far as I can tell, the interface is absolutely terrible and goes to weird lengths to prevent you from finding the games you’re looking for or grouping them in the right order (e.g. by format ) .

I wanted to link to a list of all retro games on premium, this is the closest Again, it doesn’t isolate anything to format. Instead, it’s been months since its launch, and given that the PS1 is one of the most important and beloved consoles of all time, how many PS1 games should it have? I would like to take a guess.

Remember the numbers? Ok, the answer is… 14. Yes, that’s right, 14. Includes non-classic games such as IQ Intelligent Qube, Toy Story 2, and two Worms games. There are only six first-party games, and the only ones that come close to classic third-party titles are Resident Evil Director’s Cut (not the original) and Tekken 2 (not the first).

I don’t think anyone cares much about the PSP, but there are only 7 games on the PSP. Just 7! Again, nothing famous. The PlayStation 2 is slightly better at about 25 games, if you want to use that word, but as you can imagine, there are very few good games.

The PS1 has the actual Sony games Gran Turismo and Wipeout, or classics like Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Silent Hill, and other Resident Evil that everyone knows or cares about. There are no signs of

Pathetic. I would like to hear the opinion of those who think otherwise. In particular, as I said, the service has been running for months and Sony has never established a pattern for updates, so I’m not sure if there will be new updates twice a month.

PS Plus Premium is also more expensive than Extra, so you literally don’t have to pay anything. If Premium was meant to be anything more than this, there’s no indication of that, but either way, this is the biggest waste of money and the strangest misstep PlayStation has ever been involved with. .

By Reader Hamerilon

The All-New PlayStation Plus. Why be one thing, when you can be anything?

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