Prepare Thanksgiving Big Meal, Check Latest Ultenic K10 Smart Air Fryer

If you ask me if only I can only keep one cookware, which one will I choose. Without a doubt, I will choose my air fryer! It’s the most convenient and quick, particularly healthy cookware with less oil and less fat. Most of us who cook at home a lot will always be excited to try new tools that make cooking better — whether that means faster, easier, more delicious, or all of the above. Air Fryer in this case, it’s a great helper.

Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to check out the newly released Ultenic K10 air fryer. With many new functions differ from many current versions. Join us to check out this awesome new kitchen gadget. Which we believe is to be considered as gift for the coming Thanksgiving, Christmas or even New Year!

What we will get from the package?

1×Air fryer


1×Warranty card;


1×baking pan;

As for the deign,it comes with a 5.3QT large cooking basket, big enough for delicious foods to be finished efficiently and conveniently. you can easily prepare large servings of fries, veggies, wings, and more.

Built-in with a clean look especially the digital display screen and the large intuitive buttons at the top of the panel, it is easy to start and monitor your cooking without bending over – just one touch, this Ultenic K10 air fryer will do the cooking for you.

Some may ask, what are the advantages of this air fryer?

Firstly, this Ultenic K10 air fryer is loaded with 11 presets that are programmed with recommended cooking temperature and time, like french fries, chicken, steaks, etc. Just choose a food type and press the button to get delicious and healthy foods conveniently.

You can also control and monitor this K10 air fryer from anywhere with your phone. You can preheat or adjust the temperature and set scheduled cooking while you watching a movie. Check the status of a dish as it cooks and receives a message when it’s ready.

It’s fantastic with Ultenic APP where you will find more than 100 smart pre-programmed online recipes including full instructions, it is a great help for the person who does not know what to cook. In addition, you can customize your own recipes and save the corresponding program in the application. Moreover, you can customize and save your favorite recipes. Selecting your desired recipe, it will start cooking just the way you like which without setting temperature and time every time.

You can also control this air fryer through voice commands with Alexa and Google Assistant. Enjoy a smarter way of cooking. Apple HomePod will be available on December.


The Ultenic smart air fryer K10 connects to your smartphone for all kinds of enhanced features. You can even control it with Alexa or Google home. And right now, it’s on sale for $98 instead of $128 with $30 OFF coupon on the page. I’m very happy to own my Ultenic Air fryer K10. It’s the best friend in my kitchen, made my cooking life easy.


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