Portion Control: The Right Way to Lose Weight

Regardless of molecular science and new theories about diets, blood type diets, fad exercise programs, restrictive diets, etc., the concept of weight gain and weight loss will always remain the same. Your body uses only as much of the food you eat as it needs for its function. Any excess is stored and can lead to fat gain.

If you are very hungry and you only have one slice of pizza, you should eat it. Your body breaks it down to get the energy it needs. What you may not be able to do is break down a few slices of pizza and some pasta and tiramisu. This will ultimately control the amount of food you eat. How much is enough for our bodies?

Are we eating more than our bodies need?

I think you can tell only by being conscious. Eating two or three rotis (cooked flat breads) at night or at lunch is probably out of habit. That’s what you’ve been doing since you grew up. But things are different. You probably ate more when you were more active, younger, and had a faster metabolism.

Things change. Everything changes from year to year, including how the body works and how food is broken down. What if your body really could handle just one roti instead of three? What if your body could tolerate a small scoop of ice cream instead of a large or extra-large serving? What if you really didn’t need six small meals a day? Huh? What if you could enjoy desserts and cakes and share them without going into deprivation mode?

Most people eat more than their body needs. In particular, the abundance of food options, eye-catching desserts, and the way food is presented appeals to us to the level that we want to eat. that’s ok! I love good food too… who doesn’t?

The problem is that if we eat too much of it, it reaches a point where our body doesn’t know what to do with the ridiculous amount of food we eat.So when you see your belly, abdomen, midsection, and waist begin to expand, your body is telling you so. “You’re eating too much” or “You’re not exercising enough or using all this extra energy you’re giving me”

And even though it may take months or even years for belly fat to grow, as humans we always want something to happen sooner rather than later. Instant pleasure. Instant results drive us crazy and desperate to lose our bellies, making choices that can do more harm than good to the rest of our bodies. We end up exercising so hard that we end up hurting our knees and hips. We go on crazy diets and slowly lose weight along with bone density and vital nutrients.

partial control It’s hard, but the easiest way to lose weight is to keep it off. Moreover, it is a lifestyle change that could change this entire obesity epidemic. We all struggle with food. This could be the solution to keeping your portions in control and fair to your body while still eating the foods you love.

Why do we need partial control?

in india partial control plate like in America. It’s a very simple tool that teaches people how to eat the right amount without feeling deficient. It can teach children all about the proper portioning they should serve themselves, and we envision families using this portion control plate to serve themselves and build a clean and correct eating culture. .

In fact, I used this portion plate to feed myself every day for a month, and although I thought the portion was too little at first, I quickly realized I was eating more than I needed. I used 1 cup for a few days and cut back to half a cup at dinner. As with all habits, it took me a few days to get used to it, but all I can say is that I definitely eat less and feel less hungry after doing this.

This beats all fat loss drugs that are ineffective anyway. This teaches us that eating the right way, and anything that helps us make lifestyle changes, is worth it, is sustainable, and is the right way to do it. Once you get into the habit of controlling how much you eat and knowing what your body really needs, you’ll automatically eat the same amount when you eat out.

To change the way you eat and manage or lose weight, you can try this simple yet effective tool. In addition, it ensures that you are eating a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vegetables.

I hope you found this article on portion control helpful. For more information on partial control, see below. sane reading Or sign up for personalized health coaching and ask your GOQii coach direct questions here.


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