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Patty Jenkins says she never quit ‘Wonder Woman 3’

Amid much speculation as to who did what to whom in a fate that seems to have been cancelled. wonder woman 3, Patty Jenkins She posted a lengthy letter on her social media telling her side of the story.

Instead she writes: At this point, I understood that there was nothing I could do to move anything forward. DC We understand that these decisions are difficult right now as they are obviously overwhelmed by the changes they have to make. There, Jenkins refers to the fact that DC Studios is now under the leadership of James Gunn and Peter Safran. Wonder Woman 3.

“I don’t want to land on the beautiful journey of WW. [a] It’s a negative note,” Jenkins added. “I love and feel so honored to be the one who was able to make the last two Wonder Woman films.”

Good news for Jenkins fans, her letter also makes it clear that the project she originally dropped was the focus. wonder woman 3, Star Wars fighter pilot movies Rogue Squadron, may actually be alive again. She asked me to consider returning to Lucasfilm. RS rear WW3, I felt honored, so I agreed. They made a new contract with me. She says she can’t say for sure if the film will materialize, but it’s clear the project isn’t as dead as it seemed in recent months.

as for wonder woman 3, well, it might really be dead – at least with Jenkins in command. Her letter ended with a thank you to her fans, saying, “Keep the spirit of Wonder Woman alive. Whenever you face a difficult day, ask yourself: What would Wonder Woman do? May her light of love, truth and justice always be there to guide you, as she has done for me.”

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