Yash Raj Films Production pattern The film directed by Siddharth Anand has done very well. Starring Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham, the film opens on his 8,000 screens around the world and the business maintains steady momentum week after week.In fact, the business pattern has consistently re-established new box office benchmarks for Bollywood releases. Currently, in the 3rd Friday run, pattern It managed to pack a solid punch at the box office, raking in even more rupees. 5.90 cr (Hindi – Rs. 5.75 crore, all dubbed versions – Rs. 0.15 crore), bringing the overall net collection within the domestic market to a staggering Rs. 464.80 cr (Hindi – Rs. 448.25 crore, dubbed – Rs. 16.55 crore).

At the same time, in overseas markets, pattern I’m enjoying my dream run.Released on 2,500 screens overseas pattern Currently, the Overseas Territories alone record US$41.78 million. This large collection coupled with a total domestic collection of Rs. 558.40 cr successfully boosted the film business beyond Rs. 900 cr mark. Collect incredible rupees. 901 cr at the worldwide box office, pattern managed to emerge as the highest-grossing Bollywood release of all time at the global box office.

Interestingly, if such a feat were not enough, pattern Facing little to no competition in the domestic or international market, the film is expected to continue its box office journey. All eyes are now on whether the film will cross the Rs. 1000 cr mark.In fact, based on current trends and trade forecasts, the overall collection around the world pattern It can exceed the rupee. 1000 cr mark by the end of the weekend.

Pattern World box office summary:
India Net: Rupee 46.48 billion yen
India Gross: Rupee 55.84 billion yen
Overseas Gross: Rupee 34.26 billion yen
Worldwide Gross: Rupee 901cr

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