Nintendo Switch Online’s “Pac-Man 99” to be delisted in October

Pac-Man 99 will be discontinued online later this year, but some game modes will remain available after the October 8th deadline.

Pacman 99 is available now Multiple paid themes are available for free for those with a Nintendo Switch Online membership and more DLC available for download From the Digital Console Marketplace.

However, Pac-Man 99’s online services, including public and private battle royale modes, will be permanently discontinued in October, at which point Nintendo will also stop distributing free custom themes for the game. According to a new post on Nintendo’s website.

Meanwhile, paid custom themes will be removed from the store as early as August 8th, and the game’s two major DLCs, Mode Unlock and Deluxe Pack, will be removed from the list on September 8th.

Players who have downloaded any of the major DLCs will be able to continue playing CPU battles, blind time attack, and score attack modes in offline mode even after the online service ends. Additional themes and paid DLC content submitted prior to service termination may be re-downloaded for use in offline game modes.

IGN’s 7/10 review described Pac-Man 99. As “a smart take on the classic multiplayer”, it boasts fast-paced gameplay that rewards quick strategic thinking. I just wish there was a little more variety when it comes to maps.

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