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CEOs were paid an average of 399 times what their employees earned in 2021, but the higher the pay, the they tank their companyAttractive paper from the University of Utah studied CEO compensation in relation to their company’s stock price performance over 17 years and found a negative correlation of up to 10%. These wealthy elites often introduce disastrous policies that satisfy some shareholders and show they really did something, and then abandon ship before the company’s performance deteriorates. When they jump, their fall is softened by a golden parachute.

Its the life. consultantnew series from prime video Based on the Bentley Little novel, it’s neither didactic nor political about it, but it’s still a malicious little satire.Servant, Inside Man) followed by a video game company making a lot of money from small mobile phone games similar to . candy crush.

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When the CEO is mysteriously shot dead by a child on a school field trip, a mysterious consultant arrives to pilot the ship in his place. But what he really does is sow the seeds of chaos and division and lead some employees straight. existential crisisIt is a combination with Stephen King. Inheritanceand while it doesn’t always work (especially towards the end), it’s consistently unique, creepy, and darkly funny.

What are consultants about?

This series is kind of a mystery, and part of that mystery is identifying exactly what. consultant is.A good cast keeps viewers engaged while we try to analyze this. small voice and Star is a world away from white lotus and black christmas), and her role consultant Continuing the trend beautifully.

She stars as Elaine Hayman, the perpetually appointed assistant to the CEO of CompWare, the mobile gaming company in which the show is set. An ultra-modern, gorgeous office building with glass staircases, giant screens and moody neon lights, filled with employees who seem to spend more time than they do. This changes when the CEO is murdered, and late at night, Regus Patoff walks into her CompWare with a nice suit, a weird smile, and a lot of confidence.

Christoph Waltz is a mystery begging to be solved

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He is a strange man to say the least. Christoph Waltz is perfect To embody these quirks and use their awkwardness to their advantage. Patov is enigmatic, but ruthless. It takes him just over an hour to arrive at the office as soon as he works from his home. When a woman in a wheelchair reaches the side door a minute after the time runs out, he locks the door and dismisses him. viewers) nervous. No one knows where he came from or why he is there, but they pretty much follow suit.As The Who sings, “Meet the new boss, just like the old boss.”

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Elaine and her close colleague Craig (played by Nat Wolff) quietly take matters into their own hands and start snooping around, wanting to learn more about their smiling tyrant. Their investigations do not exactly lead to satisfactory answers, but are slippery leading to countless mysteries and seemingly impossible suggestions.

consultant It goes to some really weird places without fully embracing genre territory. It’s been described as a “black comedy thriller science fiction horror” series, and while it flirts with all of these, he’s never quite one of those labels. Some people may find it irritating, consultant Ultimately, it’s up to the viewer to imagine the hard truth of the matter.

Patov is an unforgettable character, and Waltz lives up to his potential. He eats churros, needs a tremendous amount of help climbing stairs, administers invasive intimate smell tests to employees, and forces employees to scrub themselves with soap sponges. To do.Despite his rather petite stature and build, Waltz is incredibly intimidating (probably most commonly seen in Inglourious Basterds and specter) as well as very adorable (like Big eyes and django unchained).He somehow here he combines two properties and as a giant riddle we can’t stop trying to solve.he’s so funny but so awful and definitely the best is part of consultant.

Regus Patoff is an unforgettable consultant

Christoph Waltz's Christoph Waltz joins Prime Video as a consultant
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What Patov does in the office is fascinating to watch.He is likely to become the embodiment of the most ruthless form of capitalism, and all who come into contact with him must ultimately look to the truth of the relationship between capital and economic ambitions. , best seen through the various paths Elaine and Craig take in their progressive interactions with Patoff, but perhaps most evident in the small scenes along the way. consultant.

In contrast to the open-plan design on the first floor, which is dominated by tech companies, the second floor features spacious personal offices. Rather than choosing who takes office based on merit, privilege, or luck, Putoff tells employees that they can choose who they want, leaving them to their own devices. Instead of careful conversations and democratic processes, it becomes a brutal race among employees to see who can break into the office and lock it first.It’s only one scene, but you can really feel it On unregulated late capitalism And the inhumanity, competition, selfishness, and brusqueness it so often creates.

In this sense, Patov is not a traditional villain, but a kind of catalyst, the spirit of capital itself, possessing everyone around him. surrounds, but so does death, chaos, and catastrophic corruption of the soul.of john ronson book psychopath test, journalistically compares the qualities of a successful CEO to the DSM’s definition of a psychopath. “Serial killers ruin families,” Bob shrugged. “Corporate, political, and religious psychopaths ruin the economy. They ruin society.”

Polished shows lead to unsatisfying endings

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consultant It looks great thanks to some TV pros behind the camera. Dan Attias, Charlotte Brandstrom, Alexis Ostrander, Karin Kusama, and Matt Shackman Between them they have directed over 1,000 hours of television, and their experience shines through. Wanda Vision And command the next MCU version fantastic four) sets the tone for the pilot — characters are encased in glass, mostly indoors, surrounded by screens and stylish designs. Cool but creepy, shiny but weird, funny but unsettling.

But Basgallop’s script gets a little lost by the end and introduces so many mysteries that it doesn’t really intend to solve. Some of these are, in terms of horror and science fiction, very pretentious. Viewers hoping for everything to be resolved and easily understood will be disappointed in the end. consultantalthough the journey to its ambiguous conclusion is fascinating and highly noteworthy.

The Irrational Meaning of Prime Video Consultants

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It has ludicrous sci-fi and horror elements, combined with the lack of real answers, consultant figuratively.In that sense it works very well as a very unique satire of corporate life and its alienating horrors. It is partly downright absurd because it disappears. [make] the world turns […] Society is the expression of that particular kind of madness,” writes Ronson in his aforementioned book. What if it’s built on madness? “

With all the wacky mysteries and absurd genre elements, it’s no wonder the series is called a black comedy thriller with sci-fi horror elements.But one of the labels people might miss is he consultant, at least in terms of the current socio-economic situation, is a documentary. All 8 episodes from MGM Television and Amazon Studios consultant is now available for viewing at prime video. Mysterious and spooky comedy thriller

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