Most Common Reasons That Your Car Won’t Start

Your car is a vital part of your existence. It’s impossible to contemplate what it would have been like to exist before cars. To most people, they are an essential daily item. That’s why it’s incredibly frustrating to get into your car and find it won’t start. 

It can help to know the most common reasons why a car won’t start, although that doesn’t mean you can fix it in the limited time you have available. You are likely to need a reputable garage, you can check them out here.

Dead Battery

Your battery runs several of the electrical systems while you are driving, although the majority of the work is done by the engine and alternator. However, the battery is essential to start the vehicle. It has the necessary juice to turn the engine, allowing it to spark and fire. 

Your battery can be flat due to old age or because you have left something on all night. A flat battery may simply click as it tries to turn the starter motor. A discharged battery may even turn the starter motor slowly, but not enough to start the car. 

Starter Motor

The starter motor is a small item that bolts to the main block and connects to the flywheel of your vehicle. The battery powers the starter motor which turns the engine, getting it ready for the electrical spark that ignites the fuel and fires up the system. 

If the starter motor has had enough you’ll probably just hear a clicking noise.

Spark Plugs

Once the engine is turning the onboard computer will send a spark of electricity through your spark plugs to ignite the fuel and air above the piston. However, if your spark plugs are old and not maintained they may be too coated in oil to allow a spark across. They may also be too worn. Replacing them and making sure the engine is running smoothly will help. 

Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is an essential part of the starting process. It provides fuel to the chamber which mixes with air to cause a mini-explosion and start the pistons moving. If there is an issue with the fuel pump, the engine won’t get the fuel it needs and it will be impossible for it to start. 


The main filters you need to be concerned with n your vehicle are the air and fuel filters. If either of these is dirty or clogged the engine won’t get the ingredients it needs to start. Fixing this is as simple as replacing the filter or cleaning it.

No Fuel

Don’t forget, the standard combustion engine needs fuel o run. If you don’t have any fuel then the car simply won’t start. At least this is an easy fix if you can get to the fuel station. 

Electronic issue

The basic combustion engine remains the same but it is now aided by advanced electronics. Unfortunately, this means that a small faulty in one sensor or with the main brains of the car can result in it not starting. You’ll need a professional with a diagnostics machine to rectify that!

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