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Modi Ji Ki Beti is scheduled to be released on October 14, 2022. This is the story of an upcoming actress… who becomes a victim of the media and gets trapped in a freak controversy created by the smart journalists who deliberately relate and project.she as the daughter ofThe prominent and most important political figure of the country. The media doesn’t seem to be doing any serious business other than focusing on highlighting a string of stories about heroines who rose to overnight fame. Meanwhile, somewhere in Pakistan (POK), in a hardcore terrorist training camp, two stupid trainee terrorists, BILAAL and TAUSIF, prove to be the stupidest people in the camp, and stupid mistakes make them lead to regular humiliation. They are often teased in terrorist camps. The humiliation prompts both to do hysterical things that can glorify their names in the history of terrorism. A plot to kidnap ‘Hindustan Ki Betty’, who rose to overnight fame, to mark his successful debut as a terrorist and to answer for their usual humiliation. It can be a trump card. Dumbo succeeds in the most hilarious way. These two girls are neither dangerous nor smart, but they were lucky enough to reach their goal and even escape unharmed. This kidnapping becomes the most sensational news for both countries. The armies of both countries unite. A brave and intrepid army officer “Omar Siddiqi” has been chosen to be in charge of this special rescue operation. Journey-Through the nuanced satire of “Tom and Jerry” relationships, we follow the roots of terrorism and JEHAAD while embracing us as JEHAAD and ISLAAM for the sake of religion. misleading?

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