Mileage Stopper: Understanding the Peculiarities of the Freezing Device

Temporarily stopping your vehicle’s mileage is a highly relevant and popular question asked by most vehicle owners. Nowadays, in many cars, a completely new system is operating, which monitors and records data on the vehicle’s technical condition.

It can be hard to overcome this data. However, there is an excellent way to make corrections to the mileage indicator using a particular device. This tool works in such a way that the odometer reading stops. Moreover, its installation is carried out behind the instrument panel with the help of standard vehicle connectors.

What is an odometer?

Before twisting the numbers on the odometer, it is worth understanding what it is. In a modern car, the odometer is a device, usually located next to the speedometer, and showing the distance, in miles or kilometers, that the vehicle has traveled. Therearethreetypesofodometers:

The principle of operation of any odometer is based on counting wheel revolutions. To overcome one kilometer, the wheel needs to make a certain number of spins. With a standard wheel size, deviations from the odometer readings should be minimal.

In some cases, twisting of the device may be required. Even with an electronic odometer, you can securely adjust numbers — Mileagestopper makes it more accessible.

Why twist the speedometer

There are many supporters and naysayers of this procedure. Nevertheless, in some cases, it is simply necessary to twist the speedometer indicators:

To always stop the counter of digits on the odometer timely, it is worth having an irreplaceable assistant at hand — a device for blocking the mileage. It will be invisible during checks, is always easy to install, and does not cause problems in the system. It is the best product that millions of car owners could dream of.


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