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Midnight Club Cast and Character Guide

midnight club It’s fast becoming one of the most important new horror shows to rank on Netflix this spooky season.Based on the 1994 novel of the same name by Christopher Pike, midnight club has been working since early 2020, Mike Flanagan When rear phone Take control. The series was released exclusively on Netflix on October 7, 2022.

Flanagan’s name quickly became a staple in horror households after his directorial debut Oculusimmediately followed by before i wake uphe kept making Tatari Franchises partnering with Netflix to produce thriller shows Hill House Tatari When Haunting of Bly ManorLeah Fong said, Haunting of Bly Manor and their partnership midnight club.

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midnight club It follows a group of young adults living together in a hospice while battling a terminal illness. They meet each night at midnight to concoct and share ghost stories to distract themselves from their own death. Each member must have an agreement when joining the club. If you die of illness first, you must agree to try to reach out to other members from beyond the grave. After one of them passes, strange and inexplicable events begin to haunt the rest.

Now that the show has been released, more information needs to be processed regarding the cast.There are some familiar names on the cast list, but there are also a number of relative “unknown” names, but don’t be fooled. Don’t. This handy guide will give you a little more detail on what you can expect from the story and characters.

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who is the cast?

The cast members of this series actually take on multiple roles and names in each episode of the show. midnight club say every night This guide will only focus on characters that exist in the “real world”. If you haven’t seen the show yet, don’t worry, this article doesn’t contain major spoilers. Instead, most of the information will remain focused on the official trailer.

Iman Benson – Ilonka

Iman Benson is an American actress known for her role as Tia Russell in the television comedy series. Uncle BuckShe also Alexa & Katie and was first # Black AFBenson plays Ilonka, the main character in the series. After learning she has thyroid cancer, she discovers Brightcliffe and becomes the hospice’s newest guest, hoping to find an unorthodox cure.

Igby Rigney – Kevin

As seen in the trailer, Igby Rigney You play a fellow patient of Brightcliffe who first interacts with Ilonka after moving to the hospice. He states that he lived there for about four months before she arrived and that he was diagnosed with leukemia.Rigney joins in midnight mass, will be their second collaboration with Mike Flanagan.He’s also set to appear in Flanagan’s next series Fall of the House of Usher.

Anara Simone – Sandra

Annalar Simon It also made her acting debut in The Flanagans midnight masshad only one previously credited acting gig, and this one was called 2021 Drama cagedShe plays Sarah, a highly religious patient from Brightcliff who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her character is most apprehensive about some of the healing rituals that Ilonka suggests trying.

Aya Furukawa – Natsuki

Aya Furukawa A bilingual Canadian actress who is fluent in English and Japanese.Her first role was in the 2011 movie cabin in the woods As one of the high school girls in Japan.She took a quick step back from her acting until recently making an appearance in fresh cherry flavorShe plays a character named Natsuki. Natsuki’s character suffers from depression and she attempted suicide just two months before she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. As a Brightcliff patient, she develops a renewed desire for her life through her friendships and relationships with other patients.

Adia – Cheri

will be in this series Adiaacting debut. She plays Sheri, one of Brightcliff’s most mysterious patients. In one scene, she states that she had been in Brightcliffe for three months by the time Ilonka arrived. As she puts it, her character seems to have a dry sense of humor. Her parents said it was a boarding school here…” But before coming to her Brightcliffe, she quickly learned that she tends to constantly lie about herself and her background. I found out step by step.

Ruth Codd – Anya

Ruth Codd Plays the hot and cynical Anya. She is seen in the trailer, wheelchair-bound and looking the sickest of the group, possibly foreshadowing the series’ first death. is. Fall of the House of Usher.

Sauriyan Sapkota – Amesh

midnight club will be Sauryan Sapkotaacting debut, followed by a closely followed-up appearance Fall of the House of Usher with castmates Ruth Codd and Igby Rigney. Sapkota plays his character named Amesh, who can be seen in the trailer counting exactly how much time he spends in his Brightcliffe, clearly not enjoying his time there. Before Ilonka arrived, he was the newest patient there. He is also seen kissing Aya Furukawa’s character, Natsuki, later in the trailer.

William Chris Sumpter – Spencer

William Chris Sumpter play the final member of midnight club, Spencer. He is an openly gay character who has been diagnosed with AIDS. Dr. Stanton assigns him the duty of giving Ilonka a tour of Brightcliffe. He can be seen in the trailer in the scene where he and Amesh tease Ilonka about taking the elevator down to the basement. I also have MatildaHe was also seen recently NYC Dreams as a teenage Theo.

Heather Langenkamp A veteran of horror films, she made her first “Scream” debut as Nancy Thompson in the 1984 film, nightmare on elm streetLangenkamp plays Dr. Stanton, who supervises all the patients in Brightcliffe. She can be seen in the trailer greeting the character played by Iman Benson and her adoptive father Tim. For Langenkamp, ​​who recently lost her son to cancer, this is a personal role. Dr. Stanton also shares this information about Ilonka and Tim’s personality when they first met.

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Matt Videl – Tim

Matt Videl He plays Ilonka’s adoptive father. He disagrees with, but still supports, his Ilonka’s decision to live out his final days in Brightcliffe. He can be seen at the beginning of her trailer telling her to congratulate her on being accepted into Stanford University. he also midnight mass, as Sturge, the island’s handyman.In addition to Flanagan’s filmography, he Umbrella Academy When Altered Carbon.

Samantha Sloyan – Shasta

Samantha Sloyan I once worked with Mike Flanagan on the 2016 movie calmnessHe also appeared in Flanagan’s limited series, midnight mass as despicable Bev Keane. She plays the role of Shasta, a woman Ilonka meets in the woods near Brightcliffe. She may also be shown as a young woman in the center of an old photo of a group of former Brightcliff patients, so she may be a former patient herself. , implying that she knows more than she says.

Zach Guilford He is best known for his role as Matt Saracen in the television series. friday night lightsMost recently he played Shane Purge: Anarchyand starring as Riley midnight mass with Samantha Sloyen. He plays the part of Mark, one of Brightcliff’s nurses.

Since its release on Netflix on October 7, midnight club There are 10 episodes to kick off the Halloween season. If you’ve watched Flanagan’s other shows, you’ll be happy to see some familiar faces making guest appearances throughout the series, including: Henry Thomas When Robert Longstreet.

Don’t forget to toast while watching…

“For those before, for those after, for us now, and for those beyond. Visible or invisible, it is here but not here.” Midnight Club Cast and Character Guide

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