Marketing Trends in 2022

Marketing is an important part of any business, increasing and maintaining visibility is vital for the long-term success of any company. As we enter 2022, businesses and their marketing teams will be preparing to implement new marketing strategies that they will hope can take their business to the next level. Here are some of the methods we expect them to use.

Price Comparison Sites

Online marketing is most companies preferred and most successful method for attracting new customers. Businesses across all industries use the internet as their main marketing tool and we can expect this to continue in 2022. These days however, it’s not enough to just be on the internet, business must also convince customers of the benefits of using their online services. For example, in the saturated market of online casinos many sites offer new customers free spins via comparison sites like oddschecker as a way of attracting more users. Also known as “vertical search engines”, price comparison sites have also proven to be a vital tool in the hotel and travel industry, as they allow users to compare your services and deals to your competitors. So, it’s important to have a presence on these pages.

Free Trials

This kind of offer has proven successful in other saturated fields such as music streaming, where the likes of Apple, Amazon and Tidal offer customers free trials when signing up. Such offers work because they give customers the option of trying out products before deciding whether they’d like to be a customer or not, which is vital in the online space, where people cannot necessarily gauge the value of products and services through touch or physical feeling.


Away from the internet, high street businesses have also changed the ways they market to customers. However, the internet is still an important component in their strategies because if successful, customers will share their experiences on social media, which is essentially free marketing for businesses.

Take Starbucks for example, by now most people have worked out that their staff do not have as much trouble writing names as they make out. The coffee franchise’s marketing team have worked out that customers are likely to share what they see as funny misspellings of their names, ensuring that the Starbucks logo is seen by their social media following. While its probably too late for other companies to follow suit without being called copycats, we can be sure that many will be thinking up “mistakes” they can make that increase their brand’s exposure.


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