Mango: To eat or not to eat!

Worried that eating mangoes will make you gain weight? Even the largest mango will have less than 110 calories. Mangoes don’t make you fat. A 100-gram mango contains 75 calories, and larger mangoes contain about 107-130 calories, depending on the size.

Eating one medium-sized mango is perfectly fine, as long as you follow my rule of thumb of eating a couple of nuts immediately after the fruit (since the simple sugars in the fruit can spike your blood sugar). to prevent it from rising). The fiber in nuts stabilizes the effect).

Mango has many health benefits

If you’re watching your weight, eat one mango a day, or share a large mango. If he eats two mangoes a day (moderation is important), eat other low-sugar fruits such as bananas, berries, and oranges that day, as well as fibrous foods. Combining mango and sugar in things like shakes and smoothies puts your weight and blood sugar at risk. Therefore, eat the fruit in its natural form and whole.

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