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Main Raj Kapoor Ho Gaya Movie: Review | Release Date (2023) | Songs |

The Main Large Kapoor Ho Gaya is scheduled to open to the public on 17th February 2023. The movie Main Raj Kapoor Ho Gaya revolves around the candid story of a man who chooses to live his life despite being born into a world full of self-righteous beliefs. truthful and honest.he barely

So even though our protagonist denies religion or following religion, he still worships! He worships his own god, the superstar of the century, Mr. Raj Kapoor. I am fascinated by Kapoor movie songs and not just listen to them but sing them like hymns and bhajans. He is very inspired by the characters Raj Kapoor played in his films. He is named after the actor and lives a motivated life that embodies the goodness portrayed in Raj Kapoor Sahab’s character in his films. is a little too much, as he goes through a spiral of trials, endures all the trials that life throws at him, lives and dies for love. he will love

We have woven this film with the best threads of the happy and sad moments of his life and named it ‘Main Raj Kapoor Ho Gaya’.

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