Leaked Kingdom commercial shows new boss footage and new areas

As if the final trailer released today wasn’t enough, a new The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom TV spot has apparently leaked to Reddit, which includes bosses and what we’ve seen so far. Includes new footage of areas without

Spoiler alert: If you don’t want to see any more about Tears of the Kingdom before it’s out, stop here!

The leaked commercial was Posted on Reddit A few hours ago, people were playing Tears of the Kingdom in various settings and reacting to it, interspersed with gameplay footage. There are some new clips I haven’t seen yet. For example, Link walks over some broken beams from Sky Island to Sky Island, or uses “Ascend” to sneak up on some enemies.

But the real gold comes later in the trailer. Appearing in today’s official trailer, confirmed that this is indeed Gleeok. To be precise, Flame Gleeok suggests that other types (perhaps ice?) may exist elsewhere in the world. In particular, Link is fighting the Greeks on the bridge of Hylia. So Tears of the Kingdom could have a Skyrim-like aspect where dragons can swoop in and start fighting you.

Another big new element is uncharted new territory. This finally happens with a father playing Tears of the Kingdom with his daughter. Link seems to be in a dark place, but when he photographs a particular plant next to a tree, that plant glows, brightening up a cool, dark forest area. This area is covered in plants and mushrooms and features some kind of giant glowing gold pods wrapped in the trees ahead.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Screen (Nintendo Direct – September 2022)

This trailer is likely to be forcibly removed by Nintendo in the near future, but it’s also possible that it will be aired on TV within the next month as well. , has a significant impact on what is included in Tears of the Kingdom.

These new clips join the many other new Tears of the Kingdom details we learned from the new trailer today. we collapsed for you.Nintendo’s official website is already Reveal where the kingdom’s tearful adventure begins, we have A theory about when this game will be playedand we are currently hooked Tears of the Kingdom fans call it “Buckethead.”

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