Kids 360 — A Helper in Organizing Child’s Smartphone Time

It has been already proven by numerous studies that spending too much time with smartphones in hand is harmful not only for children but also for adults. While grown-ups can understand the problem and control themselves, it is more complicated with children.

If you are a parent and consider acquiring a smartphone for your kid or your child has already got one, and you think that the time spent in front of the screen is excessive, it is time to think about the installation of an app for parental control. And Kids360 can become a good solution for this purpose. We are going to provide you with recommendations on how to correctly organize the time your kids spend with their smartphones, as well as tell you how this app can help.

Strategy Should be Based on the Age

We are not going to tell anything about the use of smartphones by kids younger than three years since this is really harmful to their physical and mental development. But it becomes complicated to withstand the temptation of giving a smartphone to a toddler in the middle of a tantrum in the store. In this case, any device will be a savior. Make sure that you have switched on the right cartoon or a good game. This will suffice.

Starting from school age, the above strategy is not sufficient. So, here is how you need to proceed. First of all, do not acquire a smartphone for a kid until the age of 8-9 years old. Before that age, you can allow them to use your device according to your rules.

When your kid finally gets one’s own phone, make sure that you discuss in advance the amount of time and schedule of its use every day. This should be no more than an hour per day during study days and no more than an hour and a half — two hours during weekends. Thanks to the Kids360 app, you will be able to make sure that these rules are not broken since you can set these parameters.

School children are smart enough, so you should not only instruct them on the rules of smartphone use but also explain why you do this. Honestly tell them that there is an app that controls kids’ smartphone time. And have no worries that your child will delete it, this is not possible for the Kids360 app. Here are more recommendations:

Final Words

It is impossible to forbid completely the use of a smartphone by kids. However, parents should do all they can to protect their children from the negative impact of the network as long as they can.

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