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JOGI is the story of an ordinary man becoming a hero. The time is his 1984. Joginder Singh aka Jogi (Digit Dosanji) lives at Lane 6, Trilok Puri, Delhi.His sister Heer (Chal Kumar) is married to Thajinder (KP Singh) and has a son with her.Prab (Samarjit Singh Mahajan) is also staying in the same area. On October 31, 1984, the Prime Minister of India is assassinated by Sikh guards. As a result, members of the Sikh community begin to come under attack in the capital, mostly on the orders of high-ranking government officials. His Tejpal Arora (Kumud Mishra), his MLA in Trilokpuri, realizes that if he slaughters his Sikhs in his constituency, he will have a better chance of getting a ticket in the Lok Sabha election. He orders Inspector Kuldeep and Inspector Chautala (Mohud Zeeshan Ayub) to assist in the massacre of the mob. The attack begins with Trilock Puri. Tajinder is roasted alive along with his shop. Jogi, his family, Heer, and other Sikh residents of Lane 6 seek refuge in nearby Gurdwara. Chautara is an old friend of Jogi’s and does not agree with the idea of ​​killing innocent people. He meets Jogi in Gurdwara and advises him that he should flee to Punjab with his family. Jogi refuses and reveals that he will run away with everyone at the shrine, Chautala understands his point of view. He devises an escape plan. With a heavy heart, Jogi cuts his hair short and lowers his turban so as not to look like a Sikh. Both then approach their friend Kareem Ansari (Paresh Pahuja), who runs a truck business. Kareem prepares the truck and the trio load some of the vehicles with weapons and other items. The truck is brought to Gurdwara and Jogi orders the elderly and children to jump onto the truck. He then drives it towards Mohali on the Punjab border. Chautala escorts the truck with a police vehicle to keep it from being stopped or in danger. Meanwhile, Jogi’s nemesis, Inspector Katiyar (Hyten Tejwani), also known as Lari, learns of Jogi’s plans. He complains about it to Tejpal. What happens next forms the rest of the movie.

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