Indian AV Fistula Cost

of the cost of AV fistula surgery in India Usually ranges from Rs. 80,000 to 150,000. This range is an approximation, and the final cost may vary depending on several factors, including complexity of the procedure, diagnostic tests, hospital-related costs, risks and complications, etc.

What is AV fistula?

Atrioventricular fistula is commonly performed Vascular surgeryAnyone with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) or kidney failure needs dialysis. Vascular Access is essential for a successful dialysis procedure. This access allows blood to flow to the dialysis machine and back into the body. In general, he has three types of vascular access, among which he AV fistula is considered the most effective. can you ask why? AV fistulas improve blood flow, reduce the risk of infection, and are long-lasting.

What are the factors that affect the cost of AV fistula surgery in India?

Several factors contribute to the aforementioned cost range for AV fistula surgery in India. The final AV fistula surgery depends on the following factors:

  • Vascular Surgeon Consultation Fee – Vascular surgeons in India usually charge Rs. 2000 yen per 1000 rupee consultation. However, the consultation fee varies depending on the experience and expertise of the doctor.
  • Diagnostic test – Surgeons perform several diagnostic tests to confirm the effectiveness of AV fistula. Doppler ultrasound (DUS) is performed for vascular mapping. It provides information on superficial and deep veins and data on arterial circulation.
  • Types of AV Fistula Surgery – There are three types of AV fistula. Surgeons perform various diagnostic tests before deciding the best option for a patient. The cost of AV fistula surgery depends on the type of AV fistula that the doctor uses for her. Listed below are the three types of fistulas.
  1. Radial head fistula – In a radial head fistula, the radial artery connects to the head vein. This type of fistula is intended to preserve blood vessels in the upper arm. However, this fistula has less blood flow than other available options.
  2. Brachiocranial fistula – In a brachiocephalic fistula, the cephalic vein is connected to the brachial artery. It is created using the upper arm, mainly because the blood vessels in this area are large. In addition, this fistula allows good blood flow.
  3. brachial basilar fistula – This fistula is very complicated to make and is used for patients who have had several unsuccessful AV fistula procedures. In this method, the surgeon creates a connection between a mobilized vein and a superficial tunnel.

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