How to understand if a business needs a mobile application

The main difference between a mobile application and a business website is that the application does not directly attract customers. And if someone tries to convince you that people today are looking for applications in the AppStore instead of looking for a product or service in Bing or Google, then he is, at least, disingenuous. Mobile applications are created primarily not for new, but for existing customers of the company and can bring up to 10% of turnover. The mobile application makes it possible to interact more effectively with an already existing loyal audience and sell more often. So check in our article the best app development solution for your business.

Why does a mobile app sell more than a website?

There are a couple of obvious factors:

Mobility. A smartphone is always at hand, and thanks to the mobile Internet, a person can be online anytime and anywhere. If a person wants to order pizza on the way home, it is much more convenient to do this through the application.

Customer loyalty. If the user likes the company’s application, then he will look for the necessary product or service in the application.

Push notifications. You can constantly keep in touch with the client, reminding him of yourself with the help of newsletters, special offers and promotions. The main thing here is to know the measure and not be too navyashchev.

And there are some non-obvious things, for example:

Individual approach. The application can track the interests of a particular user and offer him only those products that are of interest to him.

Interactivity. Mobile applications are more technologically advanced. For example, in an augmented reality application, you can look at a product in 3D in real size. For example, if you choose curtains, you can try them on your window and see how they look in real life. After that, they already become like family to you, and the likelihood of a purchase increases significantly!

Intimacy. The smartphone is always next to the user, so it can be considered a very personal thing. The user treats applications on their own phone with more confidence than sites, especially if they work without failures.

The main benefit of creating a mobile application

Applications help not only sell and increase user loyalty: one of the main tasks of a mobile application is to automate company processes. For example, thanks to mobile applications, areas such as a taxi began to work much more efficiently. Applications help increase efficiency, reduce costs and costs, and at the same time increase profits.

How to determine if a mobile application is right for your business?

Of course, now we are witnessing an active growth in the popularity of mobile applications, but how to understand what the application will give specifically to your business? After all, it is important not only to stay “in the trend”, using advanced promotion tools, you need to get real profit from them. Business owners want to know whether it is worth creating a mobile application for the company, developing a responsive website, or not investing time and effort in this way of promotion at all.

When creating a responsive website, you need to devote a lot of time to audience research analytics in order to understand what devices most of the company’s customers use. If you do not pay enough attention to this, the site may not display correctly on different devices. It’s worth keeping this in mind.

A competent IT specialist will always help you make a choice, who will tell you about all the pitfalls and will not let you get confused by a large amount of information. Regardless of which promotion tool you choose, remember that the main thing is that it should be of high quality and evoke a positive user experience. After deciding to develop a business in the mobile sphere, it is very important to find a company that can create a high-quality application or adaptive website with a modern design and taking into account all the necessary technical characteristics.


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