How has modern technology impacted the way we watch TV

The growth of the technology market has greatly affected the day-to-day life of most individuals. Nowadays, there are very few individuals in the younger generation who are likely to leave their homes without their smartphones, as they are so dependent on modern technology and its forms of communication. Most people would actually feel lost without their smartphones. The same applies to their TV, laptop, speakers, tablets, and several other devices people have become more and more engrossed and dependent on throughout the generations. The advancements in technology over the years have greatly impacted the ways we watch TV, and here we will explain how.

Watch TV in your own time

With the rise of entertainment platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu, and their reasonable monthly costs, those from all ages and backgrounds can access TV in their own time with a simple click of a button. This can be achieved even easier through a smart TV. Long gone is a time where we had to wait for scheduled viewings on live TV that we would quite often miss due to their precise time frames. A smart TV does not mean you need to eradicate live TV from your life. As Freeview services in the UK are built into newer TVs, you can still access live TV as well as streaming services, but free of charge, just ensure that you have a working aerial, if you require one click here. 

Access TV through apps

These streaming services that we talk about do not only need to be accessed through a TV. With the convenience of mobile data, we can download the apps onto our smartphones and access entertainment at any time. Netflix also allows you to download your favourite movies and shows for times where you may not have access to the internet or data services, meaning that you can watch it anywhere at any time, for example on your laptop or tablet. This proves that modern technology has greatly impacted how and where we can watch TV through different devices, and we have streaming services to thank for this! 

Social media interactions 

Unless you live under a rock, you know what Facebook is. Social media plays a huge role in the entertainment industry as it acts as the main communicator, connecting people with their favourite sources of entertainment. Say you watch a reality TV show and you are a huge fan. As well as being engrossed in each episode, you are also likely to be engrossed with the stars of the show on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, etc. This allows the viewer to keep up with the show, outwith the show. Viewers can react and keep up to date with the celebrities’ lives, as well as communicate with others who also take an interest in them. This sparks up worldwide communication allowing those from all age groups, geographical locations, and backgrounds to conversate all because of TV entertainment.


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