How Casinos in the United Kingdom are Embracing eSports?

If there is one thing we can say for sure about COVID-19, it is that the pandemic changed human behavior and made everyone turn to the Internet for good. We communicate online, we do our jobs online, and we even do leisure time activities online.

In such circumstances, it is not strange to see the gambling industry becoming increasingly virtual in the last couple of years. Online casinos are thriving these days, while the growing popularity of eSports is only adding fuel to the fire.

UK casinos are particularly active when it comes to embracing eSports. The trend is alive and kicking for a while already, so we want to give it a proper look and analyze how gambling platforms in the UK are taking advantage of eSports. Let’s take a look!

How the eSports Industry Works?

As a relatively new industry, eSports often makes people confused and so it definitely deserves a proper explanation. By definition, eSports represent competitive tournaments of video games, especially among professional gamers.

Even though users have been competing at their respective games for decades already, eSports is different because it turns players into full-time professionals who make a living by playing video games. This essentially means that eSports athletes are members of professional teams just like football or handball players. Each club has one or more sponsors and their members train hard in order to reach the desired level of form before a tournament.

Now, many people believe that eSports is not about making money. They think fast payout casino is the only solution, but the fact is that gaming also enables players to gain income while playing video games. Bear in mind that we are talking about professional players who do these things just like you are doing your job. With all the sponsors and prize events going on throughout the year, it is clear that pro gamers can make a decent living.

The Opportunity for Casinos to Step In

How does gambling relate to virtual sports? Even though the two businesses seem a bit too far away from each other, they actually make a natural coalition. The reason is obvious – casinos represent ideal venues for eSports tournaments.

Take online gambling platforms as an example. They allow you to play 1 cent slots online from NJ online casinos list, but they are not really suitable for traditional events with spectators and everything. This is where physical casinos step in to host eSports tournaments along with hundreds of spectators. There are two main reasons why casinos are becoming popular eSports pitches, so let’s check them out one by one.

  1. Casinos use eSports to substitute for the lack of traditional gamblers

The coronavirus pandemic has been around for nearly two years and it made a serious impact on traditional casinos. Many countries decided to close the doors of gambling venues and by doing so they basically forced gamblers to explore online casinos.

Now COVID-19 is under control in most countries, but gamblers are still not returning to traditional casinos because they are used to modern gambling platforms. It’s a big issue for on-site casinos, so the only way out is to find an alternative that can once again drag people into gambling venues.

In this case, eSports acts as a perfect fit because it targets new generations of players and spectators who are yet to discover the joy and excitement of gambling. ESports tournaments are usually crowded and they make standout support for the declining casino business.

  1. Spectators can gamble and place bets at the same time

Another important aspect of casino-based eSports tournaments is that they allow participants to gamble and place wagers all at the same time. Competitions still take place in one venue, but the entertainment actually doubles.

It’s a chance for inexperienced eSports spectators to try out new casino games, while gamblers get to watch eSports and place bets on digital tournaments for the first time as well. People who visit a physical casino during eSports events have many other entertainment solutions besides gambling.

It’s a win-win situation for both industries because cross-promotion helps them to grow and develop without mutual competitiveness. The point of eSports tournaments is to provide spectators and fans with exciting video game matches and traditional casinos serve as a perfect venue for that.

The Bottom Line

Casino gambling and eSports make a perfect match for all sorts of reasons. They lean on each other very naturally and we are not surprised to witness a wonderful collaboration between the two industries. In this post, we described how casinos in the UK are embracing eSports with all of the interesting details that follow the process. The partnership is still in the early stages of development, but it is projected to grow big time in the years to come.

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