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Hitman developer IO Interactive’s upcoming fantasy game, Project Dragon, could be an Xbox exclusive

IO Interactive, the team behind the popular game hitman We are working on a new fantasy RPG in the series. Also, according to internal Microsoft documents, this could be an Xbox exclusive.

The news comes from Email and document collection Presented during the FTC trial (via) IGN), it was revealed that Xbox will cooperate with IO Interactive. On page 33 of the PDF file (the “Expected Releases and Previously Shipped Games” section at the top), you can see his upcoming IO game listed as “Project Dragon.” Under “Platform” it says “PC, X|S” and the genre is listed as RPG Shooter.

As pointed out by IGN’s report, the document also stated that Project Dragon was “owned by XGS Publishing, aka Xbox Game Studios.” IO Interactive announced that it is developing a fantasy RPGbut was never called Project Dragon.

Not much is known about Project Dragon, but according to the development team, it is “a new world, a new IP, an online fantasy RPG. A world built from the core to entertain players and expand for years to come.” and games. . It’s too early to say, but Project Dragon could be the online RPG game Xbox is looking for, especially after the reveal of: Xbox took over Genshin Impact late last year.

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https://www.gamespot.com/articles/hitman-developer-io-interactives-upcoming-fantasy-game-project-dragon-may-be-an-xbox-exclusive/1100-6515504/?ftag=CAD-01-10abi2f Hitman developer IO Interactive’s upcoming fantasy game, Project Dragon, could be an Xbox exclusive

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