Halo Veteran Jospeh Staten Leaves Microsoft

Halo veteran Joseph Staten, who was hired by Microsoft to handle the creative direction of Halo Infinite, has left the company after nine years.

IGN Staten first broke the news by confirming his departure on Twitter. Staten thanked his Xbox colleagues and wouldn’t say where he’s headed next.

Xbox said of Staten’s departure from IGN:

Staten worked on the first three Halo games at Bungie before leaving Bungie in 2014 to join Microsoft. Senior Creative Director, Xbox Publishing, and joined 343 Industries in 2020 to help develop Halo Infinite.of Recruitment announcement “Our focus is to support the existing talented and creative leaders on the campaign team and ensure they have everything they need to create a great Halo game,” Staten said.

microsoft laid off over 10,000 employees 343 Industries was greatly affected.Staten Left 343 Industry at the time Return to Xbox Publishing.

Speaking on the future of 343 Industries, Studio Lead Pierre Hintze said: Continue developing HaloPhil Spencer said that 343 Industries “very important for“Microsoft.

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