‘Halloween’s End’ review says the series should be given a rest

Unfortunately for fans Halloween Franchise, it seems Shape should have stayed in jail.of David Gordon Green The trilogy was nothing if not divisive, with a strong start, a half-hearted middle, and an admittedly rather disappointing ending. John Carpenter He gave this trilogy his blessing.

In the new trilogy, Michael Myers is utterly confused with the concept of evil itself.of halloween killsConscious fear, which acts as an allegory for real-world problems, can be very effective in the right hands, but it can also bore you. halloween ends, the nature of cyclical and intergenerational trauma seems to be put under the microscope. Not in a particularly satisfying or even logical way.

Below is a sample of early reviews for the film. There were some positive notices, but most were pretty negative:

As can be clearly seen from this review’s selection, critics have been divided so far. Some were shocked by the outcome, while others were very upset by what they thought was too predictable an ending. look) and you can give your opinion.

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