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GOVINDA NAAM MERA is the story of a man facing serious problems. Bollywood background Her dancer and aspiring choreographer Govindawagmare (Vicky Kaushal) is unhappily married to Gauri (Bhumi Pednekar). They live in a mansion in the center of Mumbai but have legal disputes.Govinda’s father Gopi Vishwakarma(Wilson Tiger) marries Charlatha (Vena Naea) and has a son Vishnu (Akshay Gunawat) in the South. However, in the late 80’s he came to Mumbai and had an affair with Govinda’s mother Asha Wagmarre (Renuka Shahane) and she gave birth to a son (Govinda). He then dies, leaving behind a mansion Asha Niwas where Asha becomes her owner. Since then, Charulata and Vishnu are fighting in court to claim ownership of the mansion. While Govinda fights the case, his marriage is rocked. He is ruled by Gauri and cannot speak back. He asks for a divorce but Gauri asks for Rs. Her $20 million her family paid her Govinda as a dowry. Govinda is having an affair with fellow dancer Suk (Kiara Advani). She loves him dearly but is fed up with Govinda’s problems and wants him to break up with his wife as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Govinda is disgusted with Gauri’s behavior and buys a gun with rupees. 20,000 rupees from Inspector Javed (Dayanand Shetty). But he doesn’t have the courage to shoot her. He has not paid Javed the amount to buy the gun and cops are constantly harassing him.At this point, Govinda and Suku get a golden chance to earn his Rs. 80,000 rupees. They were commissioned to choreograph a music video for Sandeep Durkar aka Sandhi (Jeeva), son of fearsome politician Ajit Durkar (Sayaji Shinde). They agree, but the shoot does not go as intended. Ajit was furious and instead of paying them, he asked them to refund the money he spent filming the song. 300,000! In short, Govinda is in trouble on all fronts. At this point, luck smiles upon him, but it also brings some troubles. What happens next forms the rest of the movie.

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