Games Inbox: What if PlayStation didn’t release more new games this year?

Spider-Man 2 – What if that’s all? (Photo: Sony)

A page in Thursday’s letter wonders if Nintendo is avoiding cross-gen games on the Switch 2, as readers have been asking. Xbox Game recommendations.

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your showcase is in another castle
So waiting for State of Play, or one of Sony’s terrible blog posts got me thinking what if there’s nothing new PlayStation 5 Game news?they didn’t have E3 On par with last year, by the second half of this year it only really promoted God of War, which had already been announced at that point. I plan to

A few years ago that would have seemed silly, but in the current climate, I think it’s a real possibility. There’s a good chance we’ll see The Last Of Us multiplayer game again this year (and it will be a free-to-play game filled with microtransactions). .

Even something like Returnal, which had a fairly quick marketing turnaround, was announced in June and released the following April. Is it really possible that something will be announced and released this winter, let alone this summer?

It’s not even just for Sony. Besides Starfield and Redfall, would you bet on anything coming out of Microsoft this year? They’ve released a lot of games, so maybe another one (probably Forza Motorsport), but I’d say it’s far from a guarantee.

I wanted to prove me wrong, but it’s still not clear how much the gaming industry has changed since the pandemic began.

human cost
I was going to write a letter and say that I have no sympathy for Ubisoft’s problems, but I realize I’m being stupid. Management deserves a lot of criticism for ignorantly following trends and commissioning so many similar games.

According to Wikipedia, Ubisoft employs 20,324 people. That’s a lot of people. Many will be laid off due to the inevitable downsizing in the coming months. More people will be laid off if Ubisoft is bought by a giant and decides they don’t need all those different studios.

It’s a horrible idea, so let’s avoid all the sarcastic comments about them that deserve far too many Far Cry sequels, if that ever happens.

Nintendo’s big plans
Would going back to early Switch games like Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario Odyssey and adding DLC ​​be a way for Nintendo to transition to the Switch successor without releasing a cross-gen game?

You get new “content” (hmm) to increase your experience and keep you busy, but basically there’s a moratorium on new major releases, trying to remove any reason not to upgrade when the time comes.
FoximusPrime81 (Gamertag/NN ID/Twitter)

GC: It seems possible. Perhaps Mario Kart 8 was a test run and a success?

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Future discussion
Having watched the first episode of The Last Of Us, I can safely say that it was a complete success in the first hour or so. Great episode and roll on Monday. Bella Ramsey in particular is great as Ellie.

Even more promising, my wife really enjoyed it too, so I can finally have a particularly in-depth discussion of the ending with her and the various pros and cons of Joel and Ellie’s relationship. that finally decided.

In my house, I can honestly laugh a little.
transformation agogo

10 minutes wasted
I’ve only seen the first ten minutes of the show, but I loved the opening, where John Hannah basically predicted the coming of the Apocalypse, which apparently nods to the Dawn of the Dead. What I didn’t like was the casting of Joel’s daughter. She looked in her late teens to early twenties, so my sympathy may have faded.

You (GC) probably watched the entire series early on. Is it a beat-the-game story, or does it deviate entirely? We already know how the game ends. Can you save 8-12 hours and skip it?
bob wallet

GC: I don’t have time to see everything yet.

time warp
Everyone says our perception of time has been distorted during the pandemic, but I could have sworn that Resident Evil Village would have been better three years ago, so I must still be in trouble. An email asking you to hear immediately about Resident Evil 9 seems a bit redundant.

I don’t know why the Village looks like it used to. As far as I can remember, there wasn’t a particularly long marketing campaign going on. Maybe that’s because it was a little disappointing, at least for me, and it didn’t leave much of an impression on me. It turns out that a lot of things can happen to

I’m the only one who knows, but either way, I really want some Resident Evil action, and it looks like a remake of 4 is just about to hit the spot. , my question still remains: when will Resident Evil 9 be announced and will be the next Resi, or is there something else before that?

Tie products, engage!
About 11 new Fire Emblem amiibo have arrived. UK Nintendo store As of this writing (Wednesday at 3:10 PM).The other day, I was pointed out by an underboxer, but I didn’t enter
They were in stock then, but like I said, they are now!

If you’re a Fire Emblem fan and don’t have a very expensive one!
Andrew J.

free console
Can I use my inbox to thank my friend Leon, who has an Xbox Series X, for giving me an Xbox One again?

As control pad was not attached, we purchased regular article immediately. I hate that the “A” and “B” buttons are reversed compared to what I’m used to on the Switch.

I’m brand new to Xbox and have spent most of my gaming life at Nintendo, so what games should I be looking at?

I already have Fallout 4 (physics), Sleeping Dogs (free digital download), and Battlefield 1943 (my favorite from my PlayStation 3 days).

The only other game I have on my PlayStation 3 is GTA 5, but I only want it in online mode.

I also paid for a month of Xbox Live Gold (so I can play Battlefield 1943 online).
read dapper

GC: Yes, if you’re starting from scratch like this, the short answer is to get Game Pass. That way, you’ll have instant access to all Microsoft exclusive content and more.

Run Inbox too
or Nintendo settings It looks like it was made by Tony Stark! It’s very impressive, but on the controller side, I prefer gray over flashy colors. Do you think the people involved designed it themselves?

Thanks for sharing the article, I was impressed with the Nintendo setup on Reddit, but did you also notice the big Gameboy on the opposite wall of the setup? I hope we can get another video showing it!

GC: We didn’t realize it! Thanks, we added it to the story and gave you credit.

hot topic of the week
This weekend’s inbox subject was suggested by reader Onibee, which video game protagonist would you like to swap games with?

Pick two games you like, whether they’re in a similar genre or not, and swap the main characters. What will happen and do you think it will be fun?

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, how important do you think the main character is to the game? do you

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