Games Inbox: What do you think we’ll see at the next Nintendo Direct?

Rhythm Paradise – not Nintendo’s biggest seller (Photo: Nintendo)

The pages of Tuesday’s letter aren’t impressed with this year’s Grammy nominations. Because one reader explains how to improve the battery life of his DualSense.

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little dream
With any luck, we’ll get a Nintendo Direct this week. No guarantees, but at least this month… So what do people want and expect? Switch 2 and Zelda: Tears Rumors about Of The Kingdom being the last big game are pretty compelling, but it still leaves plenty of room for smaller releases.

In terms of remasters, there are plenty of Zelda games lined up and the long-rumored Metroid Prime Trilogy, which I’m very happy with. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron – ideally the way to go back to these franchises.

Perhaps there’s another Mario sports game slated for this summer (I’m all for the phantom Super Mario Cricket), and possibly another low-budget Square Enix game. Who is the HD-2D remake of Chrono Trigger? Of course, even something low-budget and left-wing like Advance Wars 1+2 or the new Wave Race? Rhythm Paradise is back!

beat yourself up
I wouldn’t say I agree 100% with the reader’s function on The Last Of Us, but I certainly know where it’s coming from. What game would you like everyone who said yes to being scripted to focus more on the story?

Not only are most game stories pretty bad, even the universally accepted good stories are improved by their own TV adaptations. Made by the same person! I’m not against stories in games, and there are some stories that I enjoyed, but only because they’re part of a larger experience. But losing out when it comes to the actual cinematic (or high-end TV, as you like to call it) experience seems like a bit of a dead end to me.

brief conclusion
After reading the story of about 8 seconds of the outflow dragon age 4 footage I don’t think it will be anything. There’s no way to judge the game from there. But like you said, I found it easy, and based on 8s, I’m looking forward to the game less than I used to.

Yes, it was a bit like God of War, but it also seemed really jerky and weightless. I know what you’re thinking, but watch the footage for yourself and tell me it’s not really offensive.

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strange choice
It’s great to have a video game character at the Grammys, but what were those nominations? I happen to have played all the games except Old World and Assassin’s Creed DLC (where I played the main game), but I don’t remember the music for any of them. Aliens: Fireteam Elite is especially strange. It was a vague imitation of the movie soundtrack, wasn’t it?

No two nominations at The Game Awards are the same. A much more sensible line-up I would say (although I don’t think God Of War should have won): A Plague Tale: Requiem, Elden Ring, God Of War Ragnarok, Metal Helsinger, Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

The cutoff date for the Grammy Awards was October, so why not nominate Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Elden Ring? Did they just not count Japanese games?

late welcome
We haven’t seen much talk about Star Wars Jedi: Survivor before. I’m really looking forward to it, probably because EA doesn’t show it as much. Firmly original and creates something truly memorable.the fact that they acknowledged such a problem Lack of fast travel I think this is a good sign and probably means that other issues have been addressed as well.

I like the idea of ​​it being next-gen only, but I also like that it’s delayed. It might sound weird, but I often see buggy games released on random dates. It’s not Christmas. The obvious question is why was it so important to release at that point instead of waiting a few weeks? until it’s done? Hopefully that’s what’s going on here and EA will be rewarded with something truly classic.
milk can

4 steps to success
Public service announcement on incoming calls.

Another reader told me to remap my controller when I started playing Goldeneye 007 on Switch. I thought I was late to the party, but I was told, “Great… except for the controls, maybe not.

Create and save custom button mappings to play like a modern shooter.

Step 1. Open System Settings and go to Change Button Mapping.

Step 2. Remap the button as shown below.

Step 3. Save them so you can load them next time.

Step 4. Select Control Style 1.2 Solitaire in the game.

That’s it… but don’t forget to switch to 16:9 fullscreen while viewing the game menu.

That’s right, that’s all. If you gave up earlier because of the original control scheme, go again now and see if you can unlock all the cheats with the old school port.
Anthony White

Step 2 is important (picture: Anthony White)

bottom 20
Would it be possible to print the Top 40 Reader games for 2022? Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to write or vote for Hot Topics, but I enjoyed Hot Topics both days.
Andrew J.
PS: Nintendo emailed me the other day telling me that the physical version of Bayonetta 1 for Switch will be available in the Nintendo Store later this month.
No physical version in stock.And if you have enough Nintendo Points, you can get it for free Fire Emblem Engage Notepadplus £1.99 shipping.

of course:

  1. Mario + Rabbids Spark of Hope
  2. The Last of Us Part 1
  3. sniper elite 5
  4. Marvel’s Midnight Sons
  5. tunic
  6. neon white
  7. splatoon 3
  8. citizen sleeper
  9. card shark
  10. immortality
  11. Pentimento
  12. chain echoes
  13. Norco
  14. quarry
  15. cult of lamb
  16. The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me
  17. Evil West
  18. Moss: Book 2
  19. as Dusk Falls
  20. shadow warrior 3

quick change
Sorry if you already knew this, or if someone else messaged me and I missed it. I wanted to draw the attention of you and all of our readers who have a PlayStation 5. As you know, the DualSense controller is a great controller, but its Achilles heel is the battery, which is a nightmare. I know you’re tired of constantly charging and you don’t have a backup.

However, I purchased this replacement high capacity battery from Amazon. Only £25 and free shipping. It comes with a battery that has the same dimensions and weight as the original stock battery used by Sony. You can also get a properly sized Phillips screwdriver (only four screws are needed for this process), a pry tool, and clips to help open the controller. Plus, the package comes with his QR code so you can watch a step-by-step video tutorial on how to do everything.

Honestly, it was pretty easy and I was done in 15-20 minutes.The hardest part was actually opening the controller. It feels like you’re trying to snap the plastic together, but it eventually comes off.Just unplug the original battery, connect the new battery, and put it back in. Now, as for the original battery mine, it came as a shock as it always felt like I needed to charge it after a few hours of use. There were two bars to be exact, and even after 6 hours of constant use and counting, I’m still on the same two bars.

To put this in context, anyone who has a Switch Pro controller will know how good the controller’s battery is, it’s a 1300mAh battery.This new one for DualSense is 2600mAh So, in theory, it should last twice as long as the Switch Pro controller’s battery. Considering haptics and feedback, internal tech, etc., maybe not. It’s definitely a massive upgrade to buy and I highly recommend it to everyone.

link to Click here for the Amazon listI can’t stress enough how easy it is.Watch the video tutorial on YouTube first (search Paxo PS5 DualSense Battery Replacement) and, first of all, you can see how easy it is.

As always, GC, thank you for all you do. I wish you a wonderful year ahead for our wonderful hobby.
Bertie 1 (PSN ID)

Run Inbox too
As anyone familiar with Gran Turismo knows, Kazunori Yamauchi started thinking about a new title about eight years from now. I’m not worried about pre-orders yet.

I had no idea that the people who worked on Street Fighter 2 were still working on the game. tekken 8Man, the change he must have seen in the last 30 years…

hot topic of the week
This weekend’s Inbox theme was inspired by our readers’ DM58, which video game would you most like to see become a TV show?

Video game movies have improved somewhat in the last few years, but the key breakthroughs were the TV shows The Last Of Us and Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and Arcane. process?

Which format do you prefer, in terms of live-action or anime? Are there any specific actors, directors, or writers you’d like to get involved with, and how many episodes and seasons does the show need to run?

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