Games Inbox: Is the PS5 in decline after the Xbox Game Showcase?

Is your playstation broken? (Photo: Sony)

On Monday’s Letters page, we’re concerned that Diablo 4 hasn’t evolved much from Diablo 1, with one reader asking why always-online is so hated.

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wise theory
I’ve seen different perspectives on PlayStation, Xbox There’s some debate about exactly how good individual games are, but I don’t think anyone can pretend the Xbox One wasn’t so good. The disagreement remains as to why the PlayStation One was such a disappointment and what Sony plans to do.

It doesn’t take an inside source to know they must be putting up a good deal of resistance, but there’s no sensible answer as to why.i don’t think so conspiracy of traps It seems wise, but I have to admit I can’t think of any other reason, wise or not.

What I do know is that the positive reviews of Xbox immediately had a positive effect on Microsoft’s position, and I agree with the reader’s feature that said it was largely the result of about it. Following Sony’s unique game plan single player game most important Publishers can release.

So the question is, why didn’t Sony follow its own game plan? If they are playing a long game, they risk showing up long after the results are announced.

Over the past year, I’ve been concerned about Sony’s stance, and I truly believe that the company is in an increasingly irreversible decline. Microsoft has a ton of games out now for 2024, but can Sony match that plan at least once a quarter? Not as far as we know at this point, but more than half of them could still be live service games.

This whole situation is so weird I really don’t know what to think.

Evolving Nostalgia
I know it’s called evolution, but watching videos from Diablo 1 (which I played on PS1 in 2-player – it was phenomenal at the time) makes me realize something is lost in future games. I can’t help but feel that As I say, the sequel to the game needs to evolve, but what I’ve found with this series is that the sense of dread is lost. It was terrifying for him to step one foot into a gigantic monster labyrinth, but not a million times to do it. Armed with one magic he hoped to find or even buy a better weapon was a victory. I remember having to save money to buy good weapons.

Maybe I’m nostalgic, but as much as I enjoy 4, and of course I understand the needs of the online population, one lone warrior braves the darkness, one I can’t help but miss the simple days when I faced many with a sword. Often weak and afraid of what was behind the next door.

Diablo [PS1] 2P CO-OP Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME (HD, 60FPS)

lose everything
I’ve read several times recently about negative perceptions of games that require a constant online connection, most recently Diablo.

It makes sense in principle, but in practice, isn’t everyone’s console/PC always online anyway? So what’s the big deal?

GC: Not everyone has a 100% reliable connection, and a loss of connectivity, even for a second, can result in significant loss of progress. For Diablo 4, potentially hundreds of hours.

it’s okay
This week’s defense of The Fable makes me wonder if this is the fantasy roleplaying equivalent of Shenmue. For example, there’s a small but loud support for more games, while the rest of us don’t really care.

I played Fable 2 and 3 and honestly never thought about them again.
bob wallet

GC: I think that’s probably how most people treat Fable. But even if more people like Shenmue overall, I don’t think this production has the kind of enthusiastic hardcore support that Shenmue does.

It’s easy if you just say it
How much does Starfield’s initial reputation depend on the obsessive obsession with day one bugs that most game sites talk about?

I feel that Microsoft and Bethesda’s recent rhetoric has a frankly good track record.
When they delayed Starfield’s release by another year and announced that they now have huge resources and more than double the number of engineers working on bugs, I thought it would be very polished at launch. I had high hopes for it.

However, I’m afraid it introduces bugs. that is Funds can spread more than guaranteed just because there is a huge clickbait market waiting to happen.

But even so, time is probably the biggest indicator of how bad they really are.
tundra bush

GC: Bethesda Game Studios (as opposed to the publisher as a whole) is notorious for bugs and glitches, but that’s not a concern that pops up out of nowhere.

Memories of rental
About the Weekend Good Readers Feature video game rental.

It made me think of my own memories of this sad bygone era. Mine dates back to his early to mid 80’s when my brother and I got his Atari (I think it was a 2600 model). Yes, I am that old! We used to go to the video shop with my dad on Sundays and rent some videos from there regularly.

After the Atari, my brother moved to the Commodore 64 and I moved to the Spectrum 128K. I had borrowed the game from my local library.

I’ve tried various other gaming systems, but I don’t remember renting any more games until I got my hands on a PlayStation 1. I used to rent games from Oscars Video on my local high street. My first work was “Resident Evil”, and I liked it so much that I bought it. Another thing that comes to mind is the clock tower. I didn’t particularly like it, but now it’s priced ridiculously. This game isn’t a classic so I don’t know why.

Another haunting memory from my PS1 days was buying games from Electronic Boutique, now known as GAME. I think he could have kept the game for 14 days and as long as it was in sellable condition he could return it for a refund no questions asked. It was like having a free rental service!
Tony – -1975 (PSN ID)

galaxy expansion
I know Bethesda is planning a Starfield expansion, but what I want most is 2-4 player co-op.

Not crazy numbers, but good enough to play with friends. I don’t know how feasible that is, but the game looks very complicated. But if it is possible, it would be a nice addition.

benefit of the doubt
It’s certainly fun to speculate about Sony’s presentation, and there’s always the chance they have a ton of secret announcements up their sleeve, but to me this just seems like business.

Xbox sales have doubled and consoles are flying off store shelves. Why spend money on expensive demos of multiple games that haven’t been released in over a year?

In the previous generation, they were seriously competing to get back to the top, but now that it’s over, I think there’s less risk taking, less experimental titles, and more titles that sell reliably.

From what I read today, Xbox has always had the ShooterBox label, but now it looks like Sony only makes two kinds of games: third-person adventures like the Naughty Dog games, and Bungie creations. It points out that it is a similar first-person shooter.

I’m not necessarily complaining about it. Both companies make great games and have formulas that work well. What’s interesting, though, is that despite all the talk of Game Pass, which forces Microsoft to produce games that are safe and riddled with microtransactions, Sony’s pursuit of ever-greater profits means it’s the first to follow this plan. It seems to mean that
DarKerR (gamertag)/DarKeR_UK (PSN ID)

Inbox also ran
So the Xbox One is officially the ex-Xbox, right? A weak console that doesn’t have any significant exclusive features of its own. It’s not to be missed.

I got an early version of Final Fantasy 16 in the UK. A friend of mine works at a game shop (not a GAME shop) and bought me a game. It’s actually pretty good, but I don’t want to embarrass the GC by saying anything more.

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