Games Inbox: Is Red Dead Redemption 2 a bad game?

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Firing (pic: Rockstar Games)

Monday’s letter page is reeling from all video game company takeovers as one reader tried to buy a used PS3.

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cowboy developer
fun Reader characteristics Over the weekend, about the overrated franchises, and I’m not necessarily going to argue with any of them. We don’t pretend. There are only three games (if you count Red Dead Revolver), so it’s hardly a franchise, but Red Dead Redemption immediately came to mind.

I always thought the original was overrated, but the second one might be the most hated game I’ve ever beaten. When I think about it now, I don’t know how I got here because it’s been going on forever and I was fed up with it long ago. But I was fascinated to see how it ended and what it was building.The answer was… nothing more than a time loop to the first game.

The story, which was already very vague, comes to naught, the resolution with the main characters is very unsatisfying and somehow underwritten, albeit very long. Endless conversations become meaningless the more you get into the game, and you begin to resent the action.

Yes, the graphics are pretty and the game world is great, but that alone doesn’t make it a fun game. A really bad game as far as I’m concerned.

two horse racing
I’m interested in seeing Elden Ring face off against God of War Ragnarok at this year’s Game Awards, but I don’t yet know what kind of sequel God of War is planning to make, so I have no idea who will win. appeared to be the same thing in a different story, but since the last trailer… as another reader said, there seems to be a secret element Sony is trying to hide.

I think it’s true that Atreus is bad, but there were too many of him in the promotion, and if that were the case, it would be a Hideo Kojima-style twist.

I’m glad I’m not the biggest Elden Ring fan, but I don’t want to think it’s the best of the year. If there’s a big twist, hopefully the game isn’t ruined by the time it comes out.

bigger fish than usual
There would be a funny irony if Embracer Group (a faceless company you haven’t heard of until recently) was acquired by another company with even more anonymity, but Capcom and other long-running companies are doing it the same way. . These companies have been around for almost half a century at this point, and it’s upsetting to imagine that he, the larger entity, is being sucked into just one division.

I have never seen or heard the positive side of these endless acquisitions. Microsoft hasn’t even promised to fix Bethesda’s QA yet. None, I hope.

As long as these new owners don’t come along and tell the Resident Evil crew to make the dialogue worse, I’ll be fine with that. I miss the good old days when that was half the fun.

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leg work
Google and other big companies I think you underestimate the gameThey seem to patronize it a lot and it’s the sort of thing you can easily get if you have enough money. As pointed out in his Weekend Readers feature, this is basically Microsoft’s stance as well.

However, the idea of ​​games is very narrow, and Japan, and at least their own games, seems to exclude anything that isn’t multiplayer. Sony and Nintendo have a wider range of games, and Microsoft basically has spent 20 years coming to realize that they should be too.

I don’t think Google will get that far unless they make a big change in attitude and think that just standing up will automatically win. The impression you get is that they aren’t bothered to do leg work already.

one more shot
I played XCOM 2: War Of The Chosen again on Switch. Combined with the PlayStation 4 base game, then War of the Chosen, and now my Switch collection, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve played it.

My Hot Topic suggestion is to replay the game campaign from time to time and enjoy each subsequent playthrough as much as the first. I never get tired of it. No prizes for guessing my suggestion.
Chevy Malibu (PSN ID)
PS: Towards the end of the campaign the game seemed to freeze while the screen was loading, but patience is a virtue.

Im kidding
It’s not a typical Nintendo strategy, but I think the best route for Switch 2 is the same. The hybrid handheld/console’s key hook and perfect form factor are still strong draws. The same goes for game libraries with multiple 10/10 deliveries per generation. We’re assuming you’re narrowing it down to a slightly bigger and better screen here, and beefed-up specs that can properly run PlayStation 4-era ports.

From there, Switch 2’s strategy largely goes outside the hardware. Nintendo should clarify why the original Switch was so successful.

  • Indie Games: The Switch is the best way to experience what indie has to offer. Many are handheld-friendly and don’t have the benefits of being on a big TV.
  • Retro Machine: Differentiates itself from PlayStation/Xbox by fully nailing virtual consoles (a departure from the current Nintendo Online drip-feed model). Get a hybrid console that lets you play historically important games like SNES, Mega Drive, N64, GameCube, Konami and more. Sell ​​your games individually and celebrate the Switch 2 as a personal mini-console for your own nostalgic purposes.
  • Peripherals: Nintendo likes quirky add-ons like Labo, Ring Fit, and Mario Kart, and they seem to sell well. The core hardware model remains relatively unchanged, so keeping it can satisfy the desire for more innovation. Nintendo VR anyone?

Finally, consider calling it Switch U.
iemcr (NN ID)

retro hardware
Can you recommend a good place to buy a PlayStation 3 console? I can’t seem to find a new one right now, is there anywhere I can get a used or refurbished one cheaply?

There is a CeX nearby, but I’ve had problems buying hardware in the past. thank you.

GC: Have you tried eBay? Price seems to be around £50.

rest theory
Only played the first few minutes Remnants of Edith Finch On Game Pass just before it left, as it’s been on my list since its release. It was enough to convince me to buy the game by walking halfway through the drive. I chose the Switch version so I could play without forcing a TV…my word.

I couldn’t remember the details of your review, so I finished the game and read it again. As a result, until I entered the basement, I was in imminent fear of a Wooly Boogie popping out.

What a trip. You learn just enough to understand the details of family life, but leave a good deal of ambiguity. and Walter.

I’ve gone through a few theories about a finch or two, but honestly, I prefer what the game leaves us.

And that doesn’t outweigh the welcome.

If anyone procrastinates more than I do, get the game now!
FoximusPrime81 (Gamertag/NN ID/Twitter)

Run Inbox too
If Lucasfilm Games makes two Star Wars games in a year, we hope it doesn’t affect the production of other games. I love Monkey Island and would hate for this to be their last graphic his adventure.

You’ve finally reached level 10 in Splatoon 3 and unlocked the extra game mode. As other readers have said they’re pretty great, the whole game is actually great. Probably my favorite so far this year.

hot topic of the week
This weekend’s Inbox theme was suggested by reader Razzledazzle, who asked what game mechanic you’ve never gotten the hang of.

His example was Spider-Man’s web swing, but it could be anything from a general concept like flying to something more specific like a special move in a fighting game.

Are you saying you can’t quite pull off the mechanics or you’re not very good at it? How much effort have you put in to get better? What have you changed to make it easier? will you do?

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