Frozen Flame Tips: 9 Ways to Stay Alive in this Valheim and Breath of the Wild Mashup

frozen flame is a new survival adventure game that puts players in a dying world of dragons. The game has entered early access for Windows users on Steam after a recent beta period. First-time players are plunged into the unknown knowing very little about the combat and exploration the game has to offer. Frozen Flame offers some tutorials along the way, but the first hour or two of him will be difficult for players trying to navigate the landscape. Luckily, we’ve rounded up his 9 tips for beginners so players don’t get so lost at the start of the game. These tips do not contain spoilers for the game’s campaign or gameplay loops. However, it gives the starting player an edge as soon as they step into the world of survival.

1. Pick up all crafting materials early

Coming out of nowhere and being willing to win is what makes a good survival game special.

As with any survival game, crafting items are important, especially when you first start out. Frozen Flame is no exception, with plenty of resources available in the first areas of the game. I don’t want to overdo it, but it’s important to pick up the resources you’ll encounter in the process of completing the first few quests. Whether it’s a branch, a stone, or an apple, just by passing by you’ll want to pick it up.

All of these resources are useful not only for building shelters, but also for simple survival in the world. It can eventually become taxing and slow moving, but you’ll need to build your first few survival gear before then.

2. Unlock skills that suit your playstyle

There are three main playstyles available early on, but more nuances can be discovered later.
There are three main playstyles available early on, but more nuances can be discovered later.

During the first 20 minutes or so, Frozen Flame levels up and you are asked to travel to an altar where you can access your character’s skill tree. There are dozens of skills and upgrades to choose from, but the numbers are limited in the early stages. Peruse the skill tree before picking a random skill that might be useful. This is important because you want to see which skills appeal to you the most.

When you see a section that might be useful, such as Super Jump skills, unlock early skills near that section. Unlocking these specific skills will give you access to the skills you really need much sooner. Of course, if you’re a more open-minded player, it’s a good idea to choose skills across the tree.

3. Apples are your friend

One apple a day will keep the boars away.

Seeing the first tip on the list, you should collect apples, especially in the early part of Frozen Flame. Not only do apples give you a source of healing alone (3 points per apple), but you can craft even more powerful healing items later. Even having an extra apple for 3 points of healing is better than nothing.

Better healing options, such as standard health potions and meals made from animal meat and foraged items, become available soon, but they are relatively difficult to come by in the early stages. If you know how to fight, you’ll probably need to heal multiple times. Later, you can turn apples into fruit pies. Fruit Pies offer great healing rewards and are quick to make.

4. Dodge is usually better than blocking

Stay alert to stay alive.

When it comes to combat mechanics, Frozen Flame should rely on the dodge button. Your first instinct might be to run at an enemy and swing your ax repeatedly, but you’re not wearing armor yet, hoping to be killed. is a powerful operation. You can dodge by using the dedicated dodge keybind or by holding down space and moving the mouse in the direction you want to go.

Either way, the strength of dodge in Frozen Flame is immediately noticeable. In the early stages, you can avoid enemy attacks by simply dodging them. But watch out for the green stamina bar. Dodging will deplete its meter very quickly.

5. Find the most likely locations for resources

Use common sense when foraging and you may fill your pockets with what you need.

One of the more difficult aspects of the first part of Frozen Flame is trying to find enough resources to create everything you want or need to create. For example, one of the early quests requires crafting a Workbench and a Stone Pickaxe. However, this requires a fair amount of branches, logs, and stones. Branches and logs are easily accessible in the starting area, but stones are more difficult to find.

Of course, that’s only if you’re looking in woodlands. Rocky parts of the map have lots of stones. The same applies to most resources in Frozen Flame. If the resource seems to be in a particular location, it’s probably there.

6. Be aware of the weight you carry and the strength of your weapon

Repair is always cheaper than creating new.

Frozen Flame is a survival game, so players need to manage their inventory fairly extensively. This includes not exceeding a certain carrying weight and replacing weapons and tools as they wear out. There are ways to improve both carry weight and weapon strength, but they become a persistent nuisance early in the game. FYI, you can get skills and clothing options to get higher carry weights, and with the right resources you can repair weapons.Open your inventory to see your current “max weight” I can do it. You can see the weapon’s current strength by hovering over the weapon in your inventory. Repair your weapons before they break. It’s always cheaper to repair than to build something from scratch.

7. Explore every nook and cranny

The world is yours.

One of the best parts of survival games is the thrill of exploration. The developers of these games reward players for going out and fully exploring the map. Frozen Flame is no exception, secrets are hidden everywhere. Most often, these secrets come in the form of treasure chests that offer various rewards. One of the most common rewards from chests in the early game is his potion of health, which is very useful in a pinch. However, there are also story fragments hidden around the world, providing an interesting backdrop to the game’s lore.

If you think you can explore an area or part of the map with Frozen Flame, chances are you can. It’s like Zelda in that sense. The map has a lot of secrets, so let’s go find them. The game is happy to know that you can step into an area where you’re winning quickly, so don’t go into every fight thinking you can win.

8. Take advantage of jump attacks

Charge up a special attack and then clear out small mobs of early game enemies.

During your first few fights in Frozen Flame, you may be wielding an axe, dodging, or trying to survive the encounter itself. If you’re looking for a way to spice up a fight and end a fight faster, try a jump attack, which involves jumping into the air and then stamina 1 meter above his bar is full. You can easily execute it by simply pressing the attack button. The character swings the ax down to the ground, dealing more damage than a normal attack. It’s not a game changer, but it’s jumping attack has the potential to inflict fatal blows that can save lives.

9. Build your first shelter

If you build a house early, you can get a profit quickly.

Simply put, Frozen Flame’s first shelter doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. You don’t have to spend hours chopping down trees, so you can build a luxurious abode before you really dive into the game’s story. It should be simple with 10 resources (workbench, campfire, etc.). Having a roof over your head can literally protect your bedroll from wear and tear.

Later on, you’ll have plenty of chances to build huge, flashy shelters. But for the first few hours, focus on exploring the map, gathering resources, completing quests, and leveling up inside your simple shelter.

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