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Fortnite Challenges: All Zero Weeks and Kickstart Quests

fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is in full swing, with new locations to explore, weapons and items to try, and more. Dive into this first week and you’ll see a selection of Week 0 quests to tackle to earn extra XP and level up your Battle Pass. Here are the quests and how to knock them out.

All Zero Week XP Challenges

There are 7 challenges to complete in this first week. However, it’s available until the end of the season, so there’s no rush to complete it.

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Deal damage to evolve EvoChrome weapons (0/5)

Find an EvoChrome Assault Rifle or EvoChrome Shotgun and damage them up to increasing rarity. Note that you don’t have to level up in a single match, you can knock out as you progress.

Knock down Timberpine and remove Runaway Boulders in a single match (0/2)

Find and defeat one of the large round rocks in various locations on the map. Also defeat the timber pines, which are tall, light-colored trees found throughout the map. This challenge he has to do in one match.

Deploy Port-a-Bunker in a named location (0/1)

Just find Port-a-Bunker and dump it on the specified POI.

Emotes with Flairship, The Driftwood and No Sweat Insurance (0/3)

Travel to the 3 designated locations in this challenge and emote there. Flairship is a giant airship in Rave Cave, Driftwood is an airship in Lustrous Lagoon, and No Sweat Insurance is a small floating building in downtown Tilted Towers.

Purchase from Repair Machine (0/1)

Buy anything from the many repairers scattered around the map. These are commonly found at gas stations.

Use Chrome Splash on a structure and step through it within 5 seconds

Chrome Splash can be found in chests and on the ground throughout the map. Use one of these on the wall to open a portal that allows you to pass through to the other side.

Kill a player within 5 seconds of sprinting with Chromed (0/1)

With Chrome Splashes on yourself, you can become a Chromed. While using Chromed, he can sprint very fast like a blob, so after sprinting and stopping he must kill an enemy within 5 seconds.

kickstart quest

In addition to the Week 0 quests, you can also knock out some Kickstart quests to advance your Battle Pass level a bit. There are 7 of these as well, and they are all pretty straightforward.

  • Find chests in specified locations
  • outlast your opponent
  • Damage an enemy with an assault rifle
  • visit places with different names
  • Ride vehicles or ride wild animals in different matches
  • eliminate an opponent
  • play a match

For even more early season XP, keep an eye out for story quests that naturally occur as you play rounds. The first quest starts when you jump from the Battle Bus in the 4th match. Also, when you unlock The Nothing’s Gift on page 2, battle pass, unlocks the quests associated with it. For more on Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, check out our full overview. New map changes and see How to find the key to open the safe.

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