Films of 2022 with 0 on Rotten Tomatoes

bubble was 21% rotten tomato. fire starter Got 10 percent.flat Morbius — An angry Jared Leto Mobin did it in international waters — earned 15%.

Some combination of these three movies appears on nearly every list of the worst movies of 2022 released.In fact, all three appear in ScreenCrush itself Worst list of 2022. Still, despite the broad consensus regarding this film’s turkey trio, all three have at least a few critics who can find enough positive things about them to give them mildly positive reviews. I found

In other words: it is very Hard to get to zero on Rotten Tomatoes. A zero score on Rotten Tomatoes goes beyond consensus to reach full and universal agreement. That level of all-encompassing serious disgust is extremely rare. But it happens. In fact, it will happen at least 10 times in 2022.

For the most part, relatively few critics reviewed these titles, and it’s much easier to get a zero score with 10 reviews than with 273 reviews. Morbius Currently on Rotten Tomatoes. This is simple mathematical probability. The odds of just 10 of his critics agreeing are much higher than the odds of 273 critics agreeing.

Still, it’s very rare for a movie to get 10 or even 20 articles and not get any positive reviews at all. In a twisted way, it’s kind of an incredible achievement. And all 10 of these movies have done an incredible job in 2022…

Films of 2022 with 0 on Rotten Tomatoes

To say these 2022 releases were unpopular with critics might be an understatement…

Worst movie of 2022

ScreenCrush picks the 10 worst movies released in 2022. Please view at your own risk. Films of 2022 with 0 on Rotten Tomatoes

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