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FIFA 23 marks the end of an era for long-running series. After a nearly 30-year partnership that began with players like David Platt on the cover, EA Sports parted ways with football’s governing body over licensing discrepancies. The name has been dropped in favor of the new EA Sports FC moniker. Just because you’ve played FIFA 23 doesn’t mean you can judge it. Despite being the last game to be crowned with a household name, it still works as usual on and off the pitch in EA’s newest soccer simulation. With several new additions to its various game modes, Ultimate Team has seen its biggest changes in years, but for the most part, FIFA’s Swan Song is a minor iteration of the game.

This begins when you step onto an elaborately rendered lawn. With the introduction of HyperMotion2, every match in FIFA 23 will be more realistic and immersive. This revolutionary technology first appeared in last year’s game, where the developer allowed him to motion-capture all 22 players in an actual match. There were dozens of new animations that brought the simulation closer to reality by capturing every detail and context-specific action over a full 90 minutes and implementing it into FIFA gameplay. With HyperMotion2, FIFA 23 simply expands on its predecessor, getting even more data from both full-length matches and his training sessions with his pro team. This means players move across the pitch, colliding with each other and hitting the ball with a more fluid and realistic feel.

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Playing: FIFA 23 | Deep Dive Trailer for the Official Matchday Experience

The impact of this on gameplay is obvious, especially when it comes to the overall pacing of the game. Like I said last year, FIFA 23 is significantly slower than its predecessor. An agile player can still land a devastating blow, but can use acceleration to gain 1-yard space or dash past a static backline for short bursts. Most effective in. Goals are most often created by sweeping pass moves. Teammate selection is more consistent this time around, with responsiveness to passes and a satisfying zip, allowing you to spray the ball to create an opening and finally put the ball down to finish the move. Make up for the real excitement when you can corner. To counter this, defenders feel smarter about positioning and successful tackles often end with you actually regaining possession.Jockeys are also an effective way to regain possession. Slide tackle feels viable again, especially when you’re using a strong player who can effectively utilize his strength.

Despite these changes, FIFA 23 doesn’t feel like a huge step forward from last year’s game. It’s still an excellent game, just not feeling particularly new, as it’s such an important case of incremental improvement of what was previously established. In fact, one of the only new additions is It is the appearance of the power shot. This allows the player to perform an exaggerated windup before launching the ball like a thunder into the goal. The dramatic zoom-in that accompanies each windup makes Power Shot feel like it belongs in Mario Strikers or Captain Tsubasa rather than modern FIFA, but there’s no more satisfying way to score goals in FIFA 23 However, it takes so long to fire one of these shots that the ball is disposed of before it leaves your feet. They range from wild eyelashes that approach flags. This creates an attractive element of risk and reward, and while there may be better and safer options out there, nothing beats stacking shots that the net can barely contain.

Other new additions are equally positive. Since FIFA 16, club football has joined the various international teams participating in the game, making the women’s game more distinctive than ever. There are only two leagues to choose from: the English Women’s Super League and her in the French Division. 1 Arkema – But finally being able to play for clubs like Chelsea and Lyon is a long-awaited addition.HyperMotion2 was also used to capture women’s football, so cover stars Sam Kerr and Arsenal ‘s striker Vivian Miedema moves predictably and stands apart from the men. The only downside is that the women’s team is only available for friendly matches and tournaments. As such, you can play a full her season in either division, but the campaign is limited to her one and you can’t buy or join players. Other facilities found in Career Mode in FIFA.

Speaking of which, career mode is pretty much the same as before. One of the new features allows him to join the playable highlights of the game even if he hasn’t played for 90 minutes, so he can definitely make an impact on the match he’s simulating. If you choose a player’s career, you can ostensibly shape their personality and receive buffs of certain attributes. Scoring yourself with a Score will generate both Maverick Points and Virtuoso Points. These points enhance the attributes associated with each personality his style, whether dribbling and finishing, or crossing and providing a bump to his control of the ball. You can also use in-game money to donate to charity or buy expensive watches to earn extra points. It’s a binary system, but it’s a step in the right direction, even if it mostly fades into the background and doesn’t change the feel of Career Mode too much.

In a PR-savvy move, AFC Richmond are also a playable team in FIFA 23. Ted Lasso patrols the touchline and Roy emerges from the tunnel with a line-up that includes his Kent and Jamie Tart. It’s a fun gimmick for fans of the show, but it doesn’t really go beyond the visuals.You can choose Richmond in career mode to keep them in the Premier League, but the same general answer was used in the press conference. So don’t expect any Ted-specific dialogue. Choosing Richmond will leave you a little hollow at first because the team is so small. It’s filled with common players, but the lack of more characters feels like an oversight. Being able to use it in career mode doesn’t seem particularly well thought out.

Of course, EA’s main focus in FIFA 23 is Ultimate Team. The annual moneymaker has reworked the chemistry system this time. The maximum Chemistry a team can achieve is now 33 instead of 100. It is still rewarding to have teammates who share a league, club, and/or nationality, but players don’t have to be adjacent to each other to receive attribute his boosts. Importantly, there is no penalty for putting a player on the field with zero chemistry. Placing Messi on the wing of a team made up of Serie A players will not cause Messi’s attributes to suddenly decrease because there are no Argentinian or PSG players nearby. It will change to a fancy fantasy football game mode. Cards that were previously rarely used become viable because you don’t have to worry about linking them with other players in your team. Your squad has the potential to be more diverse and unique, but the decision to modify position modifier cards is also positive. Can only be used to move to and put an end to teams deploying 5 strikers in midfield with no ill effects.

The only downside to this chemistry improvement is its impact on Squad Building Challenges (SBC). Previously, players could be pinned to any position and achieved enough chemistry via common nationality or other factors to allow a team to submit. This is because players used outside of their original position have zero chemistry and some requirements of these SBCs require each player to submit a team with a chemistry he rating of at least 1 or 2. is now more difficult. This feels like another move designed to entice the player to buy packs to get more cards that could potentially be used in various his SBCs, which is what Ultimate Team It’s a sure sign that the predatory side of . The pack transparency issue is still obfuscated and the team that spent the most real money will be the best team.


The addition of Moment at least gives you another way to get the puck without spending a dime: score a hat-trick with Mbappe or score a free kick from 30 yards out. Their rapid-fire nature makes it easy to earn rewards in an hour or so and has proven to be a decent learning tool for beginners, the only downside being that like Madden they jump to the next challenge quickly Instead of returning to his Moments menu between each challenge. However, this small annoyance isn’t enough to detract from the fun new additions.

FIFA 23 is a fitting end to an era, successfully capturing the essence of a beautiful game with the disappointing practices of profit-hungry vultures circling overhead. As greedy as getting a screamer. A game that refines the on-pitch action with smoother passing, more effective defense, and countless animations that bring everything to life, but the shadow of gambling looms large. This is not surprising as this has been the case since the introduction of Ultimate Team 14 years ago. Known as the country.When it comes to football, it’s all for granted.The days of FIFA may be coming to an end, but EA Sports FC could kick off in much the same way. Otherwise, it offers a great game of football consumed by exploitative cash grabs. FIFA 23 Review – Football is Life

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