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Fast X’s new director rewrote most of the script in four days

by the time Justin Lin resigned as director Fast X The film had already gone through a long and complicated pre-production process.When it was written, planned, and had already begun filming, Lynn suddenly announced He had made the “hard decision” to quit film.Production was put on hold while Universal searched for a replacement, but eventually Incredible Hulk and Now You See Me directed by Louis LeterrierAfter some time, production resumed under Leterrier’s supervision. The finished film will be released in May. (trailer just debuted.)

But Leterrier didn’t just shoot Lin’s script.he said Esquire He made major changes to the film—mainly the third act, but also the rest. And he did it all in just a few days from the time he was first brought in to apply for his job to the time he showed up on set and started filming. He describes the rewriting process as follows.

He said he read the script four times on the plane and had some ideas. Could you rewrite it tonight? I literally had no sleep. I hadn’t slept for days. Obviously, this wasn’t set in stone. But I thought, ‘Okay, I have a good idea,’ and started writing. And obviously, Act 1 had to change because Act 3 changed. And if you rewrite act 3 and act 1, act 2 has to go. So basically I had to rebuild the plane on the fly.

I don’t think a movie of this size can be rewritten that quickly. Don’t you need to plan your action sequences carefully so that you can plan and execute your stunts and visual effects? I’m… isn’t it? We’ll see if the finished product feels like it’s been heavily rewritten.

Fast X is scheduled to enter theaters on May 19, 2023.

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