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Far Cry source code leaked online

The source code for the original Far Cry, released in 2004, has surfaced online.

Entitled “Far Cry 1.34 Complete”, the code for the game was uploaded to the internet archive site Archive.org at the end of June, as highlighted by renowned modder Vinícius Medeiros (thanks, MXDWN).

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It’s unclear if this code includes any subsequent patches (although the .34 part of the 1.34 title certainly suggests so), and presumably some downloaded the code and ran it. commenter believes the code is “almost complete, if not perfect.”

“My educated guess is that this is a leak of the PC version of the game’s source tree to add support for the Ubisoft game launcher/DRM,” said one commenter on the archive.org website. increase.

“It contains some .exes, but it doesn’t contain any Xbox code or game assets. The code in there won’t compile without a 332 error (maybe you’ve misconfigured your development environment) So I think I can get a debug PC, and if I put in the effort and learn the codebase, it will run a version of this game.”

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https://www.eurogamer.net/far-crys-entire-source-code-has-leaked-online Far Cry source code leaked online

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