Elden Ring: Where to Get the Coil Shield

You can technically use them to deal damage, but most shields elden ring Well, it’s meant to do things that shields tend to do, like blocking and parrying. However, for the Coil Shield, it comes with a very special skill that can make poison-based builds a lot of fun. It looks cool to boot. If that sounds like fun, read on to find out where you can get one.

Coil shield description

The Coil Shield is a small shield that requires 10 Strength and 10 Dexterity to use. That unique weapon skill is his Viper Bite, which makes it a truly unique shield that can be activated to deal a little damage to enemies and inflict poison buildup.

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The item description of Coil Shield is as follows:

Armament designed for gladiatorial combat. As a particularly flashy specimen, it surpasses its peers. Carved bronze snakes are a venomous breed, which increases their resistance to poison.

Location of coil shield

Coil shields are found inside volcanic caverns and embedded in the sides. Germir mountain Northeast of Ninth Mountain Germir Campground. Once inside, you’ll need to drive past the Site of Grace to fight the first swarm of demi-humans and follow the right path with your torch.

volcanic cave

When you reach the place where you can get off, drop onto the middle ledge. Follow the nearby trails until you reach the room – fighting off demi-humans along the way – until you reach an open area with three items.

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